The Norwegian company Devold has been synonymous with quality since 1853. The functional underwear for activities of varying intensity is made of Norwegian wool or merino wool, which only comes from certified farms. Particular importance is attached to the welfare of people, animals and environment, which is reflected above all in production.

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More about Devold

Why is Devold a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

With an uncompromising focus on quality "Made in Europe", the company sets an example for durable, natural clothing that is manufactured according to strict rules.
As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Devold is characterized above all by the following points:

- Devold takes responsibility throughout the supply chain.

- The company pays attention to the careful use of sustainable raw materials and packaging materials.

- Devold is actively committed to animal welfare and uses only mulesing-free wool.

Choice for nature

For more than 168 years, Devold of Norway has been producing high-quality wool clothing, and even in times of microplastics, fast-fashion and a throwaway mentality, it still holds on to the idea of developing products that can last a lifetime - and are biodegradable. Devold is committed to both sustainable agriculture and strict rules to protect sheep, as well as fair production conditions. The sheep farms operate in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner and adhere to the Farm Animal Welfare Council's (FAWC) "Five Freedoms." In doing so, Devold provides a complete insight into the value chain: "Each garment has its own story that can be traced back to the sheep. Our journey starts with the sheep grazing on large tracts of land and extends to our own Oeko-Tex certified production facility in Europe, where our garments are knitted by the lucky people." Devold has operated its own production facility in Lithuania since 2015.