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Product details: Pieps Alu 260 Sport Probe

The Pipes Alu 260 Sport is a throw probe that is simple and easy to set up.

The Pieps Safety Marker quickly provide an overview of the sounding depth. The Alu Sport can be quickly tensioned with the quick-tension closure and quickly fixed again with the elastic closure buckle and quickly stowed. 


• Speed-Cone-System for fastest tensioning
• Quick tensioning buckle to lock the throwing probe in place
• Centimeter scale for reading the burial depth
• Centimeter measurement for snow profile
• Compactly fixable with elastic locking buckle
• Space-saving stowable


Technical specifications:
• Tubes: 6
• Tube diameter: 12.50 mm
• Length: 260 cm
• Weight: 295 g

Pieps Alu 260 Sport Probe

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