Hand is holding a tracker beacon from Pieps.
The small, but nonetheless renowned Austrian mountaineering specialist Pieps is an absolute expert in the realm of ski touring safety.
Hand is holding a tracker beacon from Pieps.
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More about Pieps

Since 1967, the brand has been specializing on the realm of avalanche safety and keeps on convincing with new innovations, adding to already proven gear. In 2013, Pieps introduced its own production and, by 2015 the number of its employees had grown to 21.


Pieps´ main focus clearly lies on tracker beacons. Here, the company can look back at a 45-plus year experience. As soon as 1972, the very first tracker beacon was introduced to the market. What followed was a long line of tracker beacons, which quickly made a name for themselves under the name of “Pieps” and were responsible that the word “Pieps” has almost become synonymous with tracker beacons. However, the Pieps 1 from 1973 basically has nothing in common anymore with the current Pieps DSP Pro – except for the name. There have been way too many innovations in the past four decades than to compare the two.


The Pieps DSP Pro is the immediate successor and the advancement to the Pieps DSP, the first three-antenna-tracker beacon which was introduced in 2003 and immediately set a new standard. After all, this was the very first patented three-antenna-device. For many years, the “yellow Pieps” was one of the bestselling devices. With the Pieps DSP Pro, the brand managed to take another step toward market leadership. Alongside improved hardware and a brand-new design, performance was once again increased. Among the improved performance aspects are the MARK-function, crucial in the case of an emergency, optimized energy supply, longer rechargeable battery life, quicker readiness, and a larger search field. All of the above are crucial elements to possibly save lives in an emergency. Many additional improvements and features, such as an integrated gradient gauge or the new carry system, make sure that the Pieps DSP Pro belongs to the top-notch tracker beacons on the market.


Within Pieps´ assortment, tracker beacons are the belles of the ball. However, an expert in terms of avalanche safety, of course, just can´t miss the latest and, quite possibly the most important innovation of the past decades: the Pieps Jetforce, a company-own crafted electronic avalanche backpack. 


With various models like the Rider, the Tour Rider 24 and the Tour Pro 34, all freeride and ski touring needs are covered. In contrast to many other airbags on the market, which function with a release by cartridge, the Jetforce works with an electronic avalanche airbag technology featuring a jet blower. This technology solely uses the ambient air for inflation. A huge advantage: multiple releases and those for exercise become less problematic and also cheaper.


Of course, avalanche probes and avalanche shovels are also part of the portfolio of an absolute avalanche safety specialist. It is exactly these items which make your safety equipment complete. Here also, Pieps is responsible for some developmental milestones. After all, with the Pieps iProbe, an electronic probe featuring acoustical and optical hit notification, rescuing your comrades has never been that quick. According to Pieps research, this saves up to 50% of the time in comparison to other probes. This is the case for both kinds of searches: general and specialized.

Also, in the case of shovels Pieps wouldn´t be Pieps if they hadn´t come up with something really special. In fact, the Pieps Pro+ is the perfect tool for mountain-pros. The shovel doesn´t only feature an extra-large pan, but also an integrated snow saw within the telescopic arm. With all of this, alpinists are perfectly equipped for additional tasks, such as examinations of the snowpack and setup of the bivouac.

With additional, special avalanche safety equipment such as tracker beacon checker, backup for delayed burying, and clinometer, Pieps displays its outstanding competence and proves: the specialist-supplier from Austria definitely is one of the leading brands in terms of avalanche safety.