Whoever speaks Norwegian may pause for a minute when they hear the word Rottefella. In English, this word simply means “rat trap”. But, how in the world can you connect such a strange term to winter sports?
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More about Rottefella


Well, just take a look at the early stages of the company from Klokkarstua, Norway, and you´ll find this astounding terminology to be a rather intriguing mixture of the genesis of a true giant in the realm of ski bindings and a solid portion of Scandinavian humor.

“Oh, they´re just a couple of rat traps I picked up at the hardware store.” That was the answer of the Norwegian industrialist and mechanical engineer inventor Bror With to the question of the Norwegian Crown Prince (and Norwegian king in subsequent years) Olav, who visited a ski race one day and was rather puzzled by With´s strangely looking bindings – in fact, they just literally looked like rat traps. No matter if urban legend or historical facts – With´s binding became a huge success and remained the go-to cross-country binding for the next 50 years.

What also remained, was the name: today, Rottefella is synonymous with cross-country bindings made in Norway and a renowned brand all over the world in terms of cross-country- and telemark-bindings.

By all means, With´s invention was not only a pivotal moment in winter sports. In fact, his 1927 binding was elected to be one of the ten most important Norwegian inventions of all times. Today, after countless innovations and ongoing technological progress, Rottefella is a global player in the market for cross-country bindings. In 2017, the Tour de Ski´s overall podium only saw athletes with Rottefella bindings on their skis.

It should be no surprise at all that Rottefella is extremely popular throughout Scandinavia. A plethora of top athletes, like the famous cross-country skiers Petter Northug and Marit Björgen, rely on Rottefella products in all kinds of disciplines like biathlon, cross-country skiing, or the Nordic combination. Outside Scandinavia, Rottefella also became an indispensable manufacturer of bindings when, beginning with the 2007/08 season, Fischer Sports adopted the Rottefella own NNN (New Nordic Norm) system. This move led to a significant increase in the European market share.


This slogan truly expresses Rottefella´s intention to make sure that people enjoy nature and stay active. In order to enable athletes all over the world to do so as easily as possible, Rottefella is synonymous with ongoing innovations and excellent use of materials. In fact, you are always well equipped with Rottefella in terms of telemark bindings with the NTN (New Telemark Norm) system and cross-country bindings with the NNN system – in both, Classic and Skating.

A highlight of the NNN binding plates is, that they are length adjustable at the heel: that way, every cross-country skier can get the right binding size mounted. The result, especially while Skating, is a superb push because the NNN system allows optimal handling. In the end, there is a reason why Scandinavians regard this system as highly as they do. Thus, it should be no wonder that many renowned ski boot manufacturers like Fischer, Rossignol, or Madshus rely on Rottefella´s NNN system.

It should be mentioned, though, that the New Nordic Norm binding system is by far not the only highlight of the ultra-innovative company from Klokkarstua. What proved to be a huge milestone was the introduction of the Rottefella NIS plate. This plate allows the individual adjustment of the binding position on the ski. Even contemporarily, Rottefella is setting exclamation points. Crafted for cross-country skiing, the Move System offers fantastic grip and glide characteristics. It is the only binding system on the market that allows you to “shift gears,” without the need to take off your skis.

With just a little bit of exercise, it is even possible to adjust the Move System while skiing, simply at the push of a button. The Move System works with any ski, no matter if wax, no-wax, old, or new. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the great Outdoors!