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Scarpa Maestrale RS Ski Touring Boots White / Black / Blue Men

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Product details: Scarpa Maestrale RS Ski Touring Boots White / Black / Blue Men

Perfect for experienced backcountry skiers, the Scarpa Maestrale RS ski touring boot provides optimal performance when paired with 85-110mm wide skis, and is compatible with all types of ski touring bindings.

• Asymmetric spoiler XT
• Thor buckle
• EVO V-Frame
• Air ventilation
• Speed lock plus
• Web frame carbon design
• Bi-injection shell
• Power strap plus
• Finger strap
• Thor rack
• EVO tongue
• HRS strap
• Wave closure system
• Dynafit certified tech inserts
• Recco
• Buckles: 3
• Range of motion: 60°

Cross Fit Pro Flex Performance
• Double pull-tab
• Sliding Lycra and 3D mesh lining
• Tongue front reinforcement
• Cuff reinforcement
• Rear flex point
• Anatomical hidden heel padding
• Flat external stitching
• Bottom sole

Scarpa® Cayman Pro Sole
• Toe: Smooth rubber toe for a perfect fit to the bindings.
• Profile: Rubber profile reduce heap of snow.
• Heel: Rubber heel with prominent profile.

Cross Fit Pro Flex Performance
Thermoformable liner made with Intuition Foam, featuring anatomic tongue construction with an elastic band on the instep. Specific thermoformable heel inserts lock the ankle in place during skiing or touring. Double pull loops facilitate fitting. The fit is performance-oriented, and intended to be slightly tight out of the box to provide a high performance fit (we strongly suggest thermomoulding before use).

Power Strap Plus
The Velcro® strap closure provides the best wrapping on the tibial area, without adding a lot of weight. Equipped with a strong and light aluminum ring, the Power Strap Plus offers perfect support against the tongue, minimizing rebound from the top part of the boots.

Technology makes you searchable in the event of an avalanche. The two-part technology consists of RECCO® reflectors that are integrated into Scarpa® ski boots; and RECCO® detectors that are used by more than 800 organized rescue groups worldwide. The technology enables directional pinpointing of a victim’s precise location using harmonic radar without interfering with avalanche transceivers. RECCO® technology facilitates a faster organized search and increases the chance of being found in time. On the Maestrale’s family models, the RECCO® reflector is installed underneath on the Velcro® strap of the right boot.

Axial Alpine EVO construction
Creating the best in touring comfort for the up and powerful responsiveness for the down, this unique Scarpa® cabrio style design gives you the best of both worlds. The forefoot and the cuff buckles combined with the instep strap allows you to easily adjust the volume, locking your foot in securely for the down while still being able to quickly open the boot to allow for a natural uphill stride.

Pebax® elastomers
Designed for extreme conditions, Pebax® elastomers are a premium performance material that has been used
for many years in winter sports equipment. They offer a unique combination of high performance properties:
sustained flexibility at low temperature, high cold impact resistance, and outstanding energy return. These elastomers are typically 20% lighter than common materials. They combine a polyamide 12 rigid block (PA12) with a hydrophobic polyether soft chain. Bridging the gap between thermoplastics and rubbers, Pebax® materials are an excellent choice for a wide range of high performance applications in sport markets.

Carbon Grilamid LFT®
The Carbon Grilamid LFT® is a polyamide reinforced with long carbon fibers that improve the elongation resistance properties and the rigidity of Grilamid®, without increasing its density when compared with the normal short fibers. This allows reducing the thicknesses of the shell and cuff, thus obtaining a light product but at the same time very performing. Impact resistance and solicitations are improved, allowing to keep intact the performance of the boots over time.

This special polyammide offers a good compromise between stiffness and rebound; allowing a gradual transmission of the impulses from the boot to the ski during the ski phase.

Scarpa® relies on Vibram® soles for all the backcountry collection products. Conceived and designed by
Scarpa® in synergy with Vibram® specialists to achieve the best performance and grip, thanks to dedicated
compounds and a specific design for the snow activity. Scarpa® by Vibram® it’s a synonym of excellence and a
grant of grip and durability, under all conditions of use.

Intuition Liners
Intuition Liners offers the best premium boot liners in the world, launching new innovations in moldable liner
technology. The proprietary Intuition Foam used exclusively in all Intuition Liners will ensure feet are kept warm,
comfortable and happy.

Engaged exclusively in production of high-performance polymers and their continuous development, EMS-Grivory aims at everything on technological innovation aimed at rendering its unique products in the panorama of high-range polyamides. With a products wallet among the most complete available, EMS polyamides are versatile materials and performing for markets among the disparate, from the automotive industry to the industrial sector, from home appliances to the market and medical and food and not least the sports sector.

Product attributes:

Weight:1450 Gramm/Stk.
Ski Touring Category:Freeride / TourAllround
Shoe Category:Ski Touring Boot
Original Colour:White / Black / Blue
Shoe System:Frame / Touring BindingTec Allround BindingTec Freeride BindingTec Race BindingGripwalk / MBS
Skiboot Last:101 Millimeter
Reference Size:27