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TIEFSCHNEETAGE TESTED ITEM  Pieps Micro 3 + Probe + Shovel + Bag  Tracker Set

Pieps Micro 3 + Probe + Shovel + Bag Tracker Set

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TIEFSCHNEETAGE TESTED ITEM Pieps Micro 3 + Probe + Shovel + Bag Tracker Set

Pieps Micro is the smallest and lightest 3-antenna-beacon from PIEPS.

• Vibration at first reception
• Bluetooth®: app-controlled device management & updateable
• Big display:for easy readability
• Sensor Technology for extraordinary ease of use and intuitive handling. Switches automatically from transmitting mode to search mode.
• iPROBE Support: PIEPS MICRO can be temporarily deactivated using the smart iPROBE. The receiving avalanche rescue beacon automatically receives the next-strongest signal.
• Group check: Reviews the activity and frequency of the partner device. PIEPS recommends that you perform an avalanche rescue beacon check before each tour.
• Auto-Antenna-Switch: If the transmitting antenna experiences a fault due to electronic devices or metal, it automatically switches to the other antenna.
• Auto-Search-to-Send: This function automatically switches the PIEPS MICRO from search mode to transmit mode, if the device is still when the beacon is not moving for a certain time (in case of burial).
• Extensive Self-Check: Review of all relevant hardware and software elements as well as showing the current software version.
• Hard case
• Water-repellent materials
• Compact hard case sensor is reliably covered
• Transmission frequency: 457
• Power supply: 1 battery (AA)
• Battery lifetime: 200
• Maximum range: 40
• Search strip width: 40
• Dimensions: 106 x74 x 20
• Weight (g, incl. batteries): 150
• Current Firmware: v3.0


In addition to an avalanche transceiver and shovel, the Pieps Aluminum probe is an important part of the recommended safety equipment, and it belongs in the backpack of every skier.

• Special Speed-Cone System for quick extension
• Quick-closing latch for reliable locking and efficient assembly of the probe
• Coating for perfect grip even with gloves
• Centimeter scale for reading burial depth and as centimeter measurement for snow profiles
• Easy to fixate with velcro strap
• Space saving collapsible
• Tubes in two colours made out of a special aluminium alloy guarantee optimal stability
• Diameter Ø 12,5 mm
• Quick closing latch for reliable locking and efficient assembly of the probe
• Broad cone end for easier probing of hard and compressed snow
• Tubes: 6 Length collapsed: 42cm
• Probing length: 260 cm
• Weight: 290g


The small and lightweight Pieps Tour is the perfect shovel for ski tours in low and high mountain regions.

• Ergonomic shape
• A special aluminium alloy and a special coating assure extreme durability as well as lowest possible weight
• The shovel has its own place in the special safety gear compartment in every PIEPS backpack



Please note: This item has been tested for 1 or 2 days during our testival event. Therefore it may show slightest signs of usage. Apart from that it is fully functional. Warranty and conversion rights remain untouched.



Tested Item

Tiefschneetage Tested Item
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