Product details: Black Crows Camox Jr Kids 21/22

Behaviour on snow: Destined to the 14-18 years old, the Black Crows Camox junior combines rapidity and vivacity with its short radius (16-17m).

This ski has a good bearing capacity thanks to its 90 mm under foot. Its tolerant flex make it super accessible and catchy. It has a classic camber medium with a double rocker which allow a great handling ability and pivot move. A wild ski for young savages.


Features & Specs:
• Intermediary float: 90 mm at the waist
• Double rocker: great handling, control and pivot
• Middle classic camber: classic camber under foot with intermediary ski/snow contact for a perfect balance between placement and handling
• Sharp sidelines and a 17 metre radius: good turning action, movement to carving is easy and rapid. relatively short turn ski
• Tolerant flex: comfortable and accessible
• Semi-cap construction 
• Poplar wood core 

Product attributes:


90 mm


17 m


118-90-106 mm

Reference Length 157 cm

Rocker Type tipntailrockerTip & Tail Rocker
Ski Category:TelemarkskisAll Mountain Skis
Binding System:Free Choice
Brand:Black Crows
Ski Touring Category:Freeride / TourAllround
Weight:1375 Gramm/Stk.