Product details: Black Crows camox freebird 21/22

Best of the mid-fat touring skis, the new Black Crows Camox Freebird has an updated core and a shortened ABS section.

It’s livelier than its predecessor, and has more grip; but above all, this new Camox Freebird has been made distinctly lighter, which makes a lot of difference in a touring ski. A sporty flex, classic camber and double rocker, all the pleasure of off-piste in a touring version.


• Weight: 2750 g/pair @166 cm, 600 g/pair less than the earlier version
• Intermediate width: 96 mm wide at the tail
• Progressive front rocker and slight rear rocker: pivot control, manoeuvrability, planing
• Medium classic camber: Classic camber underfoot with intermediate ski-snow contact: balances manoeuvrability with stability
• Slightly raised tail: Soft ending to curves, practical for touring (for fitting skins or sticking skis upright in the snow not a unimportant point)
• Intermediate flex: a tolerant and comfortable ski

The camox freebird is for you if you have a tendency to constantly change your mind.


“Rip the lip
pull a pow slash trick
or stick that turn above the steep abyss
the Camox freebird is your versatile mountain player, light but poppy and stable, letting you be the dictator of where how and when you wanna make a turn out there.” Michael Bird Shaffer

Product attributes:


96 mm


17 m


133-96-114 mm

Reference Length 166 cm

Rocker Type tipntailrockerTip & Tail Rocker
Ski Touring Category
  • Allround
  • Uphill Performance
  • Race
  • Freeride / Tour
1375 Gramm/Stk.(Reference Length 166 Zentimeter)
Binding System:Free Choice
Brand:Black Crows