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Assos Skinfoil NS Summer  Shortsleeve White

Assos Skinfoil NS Summer Shortsleeve White

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Assos Skinfoil NS Summer Shortsleeve

Based on feedback from BMC Racing Team riders, Assos has added a lighter skinFoil option for the toughest situations on the hottest days of the season year.

The seamless construction ensures that the baselayer has a comfortable, non-restrictive fit with full comfort. The fabric is knitted on circular knitting machines, similar to stockings. This gives skinFoils products a better fit, higher performance and more comfort. Designed to respond to the intensity of the sweating and the subsequent cooling effect.

The push-pull effect and it acts as your personal microclimate. The main purpose is to draw moisture from the skin to the next or outer layer to cool it down or to be pushed back as insulation when the outside temperature is cold.

Assos high-performance jerseys and jackets sometimes don't reach their full functional potential if your first layer doesn't work properly. That's why so much technology has been put into an at first glance inconspicuous garment.

This is the lightest skinFoil baselayer in the Assos collection. It has been specially designed for the hottest days of the year based on feedback from BMC Racing Team riders - you can easily manage the merciless climbs and temperatures ahead of you in summer.

All skinFoils should be worn directly on the skin under your bib shorts and jerseys. The skinFoil works optimally if it has become slightly damp during the ride. This is a good sign because it is exactly this moisture that acts as insulation or cooling and keeps you comfortable.

Assos skinFoils are unisex. It is up to you who wears which skinFoil at which time of the year.

• Transport mesh: new technology for summer skinFoils that increases breathability and accelerates the push-pull effect.
• Seamless circular knitting technology: The carefully matched yarn blend is knitted on circular knitting machines, similar to socks.
• Polypropylene fiber blend: This antistatic and antibacterial wicking blend is non-absorbent. It is characterized by an excellent moisture management and climate control, while keeping the weight of the product minimal and comfort maximum
• regularFit / unisex: Based on our Campionissimo AEPD (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design) we have chosen the seamless tubular construction to ensure a flattering fit thanks to the high elasticity
• Hem construction: minimal seams for maximum comfort
• bodyMap: The thickness, structure and elasticity of the fabric is adapted to the respective areas of the body, which means that performance, breathability and the
Improve moisture management

93% Polypropylene, 3% Polyamide, 4% Elastane




Original Colour



Racing Bike




Synthetic Fibre


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