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Keep an eye on things with Bliz. Design, flexibility, and price are criteria why sportsmen opt for Bliz goggles. Moreover, skistars like Charlotte Kalla or Kaisa Mäkaräinen have proven over the years that  Bliz is a brand for winners.

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Bliz sunglasses at Sport Conrad

Whether in summer, winter, autumn or spring, sunglasses are part of the basic equipment, especially for sports, but also in everyday life to protect your eyes from brightness and UV rays. Wearing sunglasses during sports not only protects your eyes from brightness and UV rays, but they also protect your eyes from wind and dangers like insects and small stones, which plays an important role especially when mountain biking.

Bliz is an established brand that offers sunglasses for various sports. Bliz sunglasses are suitable for a variety of sports, including road cycling, mountain biking, jogging, hiking and any kind of outdoor sports, as well as for water sports.

To keep track of the large selection of different Bliz products at Sport Conrad and to make your decision for the right sunglasses a little easier, you will get an overview of the Bliz brand and product portfolio in the following sections.

"There is a Bliz for every Sport".

True to this motto, the Swedish brand Bliz has been producing technical sports eyewear for a variety of sports since its founding in 2007. The brand's foundation is based on three pillars: Design, Flexibility and Value. The Swedish design is cutting-edge in terms of technology, function and appearance, and the products meet all the necessary standards and requirements for their field of use. The functionality of the products and the available accessories ensure a wide range of use and flexibility. The combination of the reasonable price, functionality and flexibility of the glasses and accessories creates a very high value for customers. 

Bliz sports sunglasses - real all-rounders

The special thing about Bliz sports sunglasses is that the majority of them are suitable for a very wide range of uses. Models such as the Breeze, Fusion, Matrix or Hero are suitable for all sports from road biking/mountain biking, hiking, jogging and other outdoor sports to water sports. If you compare the Fusion with the other three models, you will notice that the Fusion is equipped with Jawbone technology and therefore has a frame at the bottom of the lens, which can be replaced or omitted if necessary. A common feature of these glasses is an adjustable nose bridge, which allows for an optimal fit for any nose shape and thus prevents pressure points. In addition, models such as the Breeze, Hero or Matrix are also available in the size "Small", so that people with smaller heads can find the right sunglasses with a good fit.

In addition to the sports sunglasses, which were designed for a wide range of use, Bliz offers complementary sunglasses, which were created for special conditions, such as the Peak. These sunglasses are specially designed for sports and activities at higher altitudes.

In short, if you're looking for sunglasses that you can use for all your hobbies, you're best off with sports sunglasses from Bliz.

Bliz lenses - ready for any light conditions

Bliz makes use of a portfolio of five different lens technologies for its sports sunglasses, ensuring that you are well equipped for any light conditions. The standard lens comes with Bliz Fusion Lens Tech and is made to give you maximum safety and a clear view even in the toughest conditions. The medium lens comes with Bliz Hydro Lens Technology. Compared to the base technology, these lenses also offer UV protection and X.PC shatter resistance, in addition they have water and snow repellent properties and an anti-scratch coating.

Thanks to new production methods, Bliz has developed an innovative lens with minimal optical distortion and integrated anti-fog coating. This technology is called NanoOptics Precision Lens Technology. In addition, there are two other specifications: NanoOptics Nordic Light and NanoOptics Photochromic. Nordic Light is a high-tech lens that greatly improves contrast and color, giving you sharp vision in low-light and flat light conditions because the lens eliminates the blurry wavelengths between blue and green and green and red. With the Photochromic lens, you'll be ready for most situations as it adapts to weather conditions and the resulting lighting conditions. The spectrum ranges from a bright filter category 1 lens, suitable for night or cloudy weather, to a dark filter category 4 lens, recommended for sunny conditions

Modularity - individual, sustainable and cost-saving

A great advantage of Bliz glasses, especially in the sports glasses is that individual parts can be purchased, for example, individual temples can be purchased but also Jawbones, frame parts for the lower edge of the lens, are also offered in different colors. However, the large selection of replacement lenses for the various models, especially for sports sunglasses, stands out. This wide range ensures the versatility of the glasses and makes it possible to buy different lenses for one pair of glasses instead of having to buy several pairs. Should a lens ever break, it can be easily replaced. The glasses differ in the filter category and the associated range of use in different light conditions.

In summary, it can be said that the modularity of the glasses, especially with regard to the lenses, greatly expands the range of use, is sustainable, since no completely new glasses must be bought, should something break and accordingly also is less expensive for consumers.