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Tatze Two-Face TI Pedals

Item number: 56206302
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Product details: Tatze Two-Face TI Pedals

Tatze Two-Face TI - Maximum efficiency uphill and perfect safety downhill!

The Two-Face is an extremely grippy platform pedal and an efficient clipless pedal at the same time. 14 PINs with targeted superelevation provide enormous grip, but also on the click side, 4 optional and height-adjustable PINS create a particularly rich connection between pedal and shoe. 

For optimised ground clearance, the flat side is rotated by 2.5° to the click side, which increases the ground clearance by 5mm at the decisive points. 

A defined side selection is particularly important for a combination pedal. The Tatze Two-Face pedal does not rotate automatically after unloading, so that the same side/function is available again when you step on the pedal again.   

By selecting the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes, the Two-Face is extremely durable. The Two-Face is available with steel axle and titanium axle, the only difference between the two variants being the weight. 


• Flat side with 14 PIN's (100 x 105 x 18,5 mm)
• Click side with 4 PIN's (60 x 98 x 18,5 mm)
• Pedal body: Aluminum 6061-T6, Anodised
• Axle: high-strength and coated titanium axle
• Bearing: sealed needle bearing and deep groove ball bearing
• Seal: double lip seal + end cap 
• Weight: 387 g


Clipless mechanism:
• Release tension 4-12Nm adjustable
• Float 5°
• Release angle 12°
• Adjustable contact pressure with 4 optional PINS
• Release by turning the foot outwards (not by lifting)


Scope of delivery:
pedals, cleats, spare pins with keys