Relags Zap-It 'No Scratch' Travel- & Camping Accessories

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Product details: Relags Zap-It 'No Scratch' Travel- & Camping Accessories

For the alleviation of itching and discomfort through swelling following an insect bite (mosquitoes or horse flies) or contact with jelly fish. Piezo electrically operated. Needs no batteries or chemicals. For about 1.000 clicks. Must be placed on the bite as soon as possible and the button pressed. After approx. 5 or more impulses the itch should disappear.

NOT TO BE APPLIED for childs under 2 and when Pacemakers are worn, after the application of creams or lotions or in sensitive areas of the body (eyes or mucous membrane etc.). Not to be used near flammables.


Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 1,8 cm
Weight: 12 g (incl. handstrap)

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