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Product details: Pieps Pro BT Tracker-Set (Beacon + Shovel + Probe)

The Pieps Pro series is made for professionals. Whether mountain guide, ski guide or rescue team, the Pro BT avalanche transceiver in a package with C660 avalanche shovel and the Alu Sport probe offers state-of-the-art technology and best performance in every situation.

The Pieps avalanche transceiver set consists of the Pieps Pro BT avalanche transceiver, the Pieps C660 shovel in blue and an Pieps Aluminum Sport probe in 260 cm length.


Pieps Pro BT Avalanche Device

• Max. Circular reception range of 60 m for fast and stable initial reception.
• Battery lifetime: Min. 300 h in transmit mode with lithium batteries
• Wireless device management with Bluetooth and Pieps app.

• Extensive self-test at every system start
• Perfectly readable display in all lighting conditions
• Marking option through function key
• Pieps Interference Protection
• iProbe Support
• Auto-Search-To-Send
• Group Check
• Secure locking mechanism
• Incl. carrying system Pieps Powder BT

Technical specifications:
• Maximum range: 60 m
• Search strip width: 60 m
• Dimensions: 118 x 76 x 29 (LxWxH)
• Weight: 220 g incl. batteries
• Power supply: 3 batteries (AAA)
• Battery lifetime: min. 300 h
• Receiving frequency: 457 kHz
• Transmission frequency: 457 kHz
• Temperature range: -20° C to +45° C


Pieps C660 avalanche shovel

• C-handle allows easy handling even with the thickest gloves
• Oval telecopic handle prevents twisting in the hand while shoveling
• Quick Lock System

• Rescue slide function
• Chopping function
• Non-slip tread grooves
• Slip stop
• Pronounced center ridges
• Integrated bottle opener
• Special surface coating
• Sharpened edges

Technical specifications:
• Shovel blade weight: 310 g
• Handle length: 68 cm
• Handle weight: 350 g 
• Weight: 660 g
• Shovel blade dimensions: 28,5 x 21,5 x 6 cm


Alu Sport 260 Probe

• Speed-Cone-System for fastest tensioning
• Quick tension lock to lock the throw probe in place
• Centimeter scale for reading the burial depth
• Centimeter measurement for snow profile
• Compactly fixable with elastic locking buckle
• Space-saving stowable

Technical specifications:
• Tubes: 6
• Tube diameter: 12,50 mm
• Length: 260 cm
• Weight: 295 g

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Pieps Pro BT Tracker-Set (Beacon + Shovel + Probe)

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