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Product details: Pieps DSP Sport + LACD Snow 2.0 + Avalanche Express 2.0 LVS-Set (Tracker Beacon + Probe + Shovel)

The Pieps DSP Sport is a digital 3-antenna avalanche transceiver with a long range and a function button for ideal support during companion rescues. 


• Max. Circular reception range of 50 m through the Pieps 3-antenna system.
• Only one function button for easiest operation during rescue
• Perfect marking performance due to exact signal processing without performance limitations


• Check of relevant hardware and software at system startup
• Readable display in all lighting conditions
• Auto-Antenna-Switch offers switching in case of interference
• Group check of activity and transmission parameters 
• Secure locking mechanism through 2-hand operation
• Direction and distance indication from the first signal (without special mode of operation)
• Search strip width: 50 meters (independent of coupling position)
• Intelligent transmitter: auto-antenna switch, signal shift, iProbe support
• Motion sensor for optimized power consumption
• Marker function supports multiple burial (max. 1 transmitter)
• Information about older analog devices through old device mode
• Incl. lightweight and comfortable hard case carrying system


Technical specifications: 
• Transmission frequency: 457 kHz according to EN300718
• Transmitting field strength: max. 7 dBµA/m (2.23 µA/m) at a distance of 10 m
• Power supply: 3x alkaline batteries (AAA), IEC-LR03, 1.5 V
• Battery lifetime: min. 200 h transmission mode
• Maximum range: 50 m
• Search strip width: 50 m
• Earphone jack: stereo earphone, 3.5 mm, min. 32 Ohm
• Weight: 198 g (incl. batteries)
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 115 x 75 x 28 mm
• Operating temperature range: -20° C to +45° C (-4° F to +113° F)
• Storage temperature range: -25° C to +70° C (-13° F to +158° F)


+ LACD Snow 2.0 Shovel

The rugged Snow Shovel 2.0 by LACD features a sturdy aluminum shovel blade and an extendable telescoping handle.

With the shovel blade slightly ground at the front, even compressed snow can be optimally removed and the laterally wide raised shape ensures the ideal snow pick-up.

With its ergonomic T-handle, the avalanche shovel is equally comfortable to use for right-handers and left-handers, and fits comfortably in the hand.

With its surface area of more than 600 cm², the shovel blade of the Snow Shovel 2.0 helps rescue buried comrades in all mountain winter activities.

For transport in the ski touring backpack, the avalanche shovel can be reduced to a compact size and is immediately ready for use in an emergency. Together with avalanche transceiver and avalanche probe, the LACD avalanche shovel is part of the basic safety equipment for all winter sports enthusiasts who make their tracks through the deep snow away from secured slopes.


Technical specifications:
• Fabrics: aluminum
• Length: 87 cm / Pack length: 46 cm
• Shovel blade: 22 x 28 cm
• Weight: 728 g


+ Avalanche Express 2.0 probe

When rescuing buried avalanche victims, fast help is crucial. To ensure that not a second is lost when setting up the LACD Avalanche Probe Express 2.0, the 240 cm long avalanche probe can be made ready for use in virtually no time at all.

The individual segments of the Avalanche Probe Express are equipped with small plastic cones so that the segments slip into each other without getting caught. The probe is then securely fixed in place with the integrated cord made of sturdy Kevlar.

The individual aluminum segments of the LACD probe fit together with 49 cm length well in the ski touring backpack and are equipped with depth markings at 5 cm intervals.

Together with the avalanche transceiver and avalanche shovel, the durable avalanche probe from LACD belongs to the basic equipment of freeriders, off-piste skiers and ski tourers.


Technical specifications:
• Length: 240 cm
• Fabrics: aluminum, Kevlar, plastic
• Weight: approx. 250 g
• Depth marking: every 5 cm
• Packing size: 49 cm
• Number of segments: 6

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Pieps DSP Sport + LACD Snow 2.0 + Avalanche Express 2.0 LVS-Set (Tracker Beacon + Probe + Shovel)

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