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Product details: Movement Session 90 W Women 21/22

For this new season, the Session range has been completely redesigned. Touring/Freeride combination, the Session family covers the needs of demanding hikers looking, above all, for the greatest versatility.

Movement Session 90 W new dynamic 5-axis carbon construction increases performance on hard snow, where difficulties are generally encountered with a Touring ski type. Precise and light, the skis of the Session range offer a new perspective for the assiduous practice of Free-Touring-oriented high mountain skiing.


• Wood core karuba
• Vibration absorber tech
• 5-axis carbon
• P-TEX 4000 base
• Titanal double plate reinforcement
• Touring edge


CTS Light Construction
The CTS LIGHT is a manufacturing process which integrates a horizontal ABS reinforcement. This reinforcement runs through the wood core and acts as an anti-vibration system as well as anti-shock. This also reduces weight.

ASA System
The ASA system (ABS shock absorber) is situated in the underfoot area of the ski to act as a shock absorber.

Woodcore Karuba
Movement only uses wood cores that are certified FCS and PEFC. Every core is chosen to match the type of ski being produced.

A two-layer system - one with fiberglass and the other one in titanium (DPR Titanal) is completely integrated under the bindings to guarantee a perfect anchorage of the screws.

Base P-Tex 4000
Movement´s bases are top quality sintered bases high molecular density. Movement uses 3 different P-Tex bases throughout the range which are carefully chosen to match the individual ski.

A natural rubber layer which incorporates fiberglass is placed in the front of the skis to absorb vibrations.

Karbon 5-Axis
To minimize the weight and maximize the performance in any kind of snow condition. More responsive with a high level of performance as well as perfect edge grip on hard snow or on steep slopes due to a torsion locking system.


Length/ Waist/ Radius m / Weight g/Ski:

154 = 121/90/105 / 16 / 1120
162 = 124/90/108 / 16.5 / 1200
170 = 126/90/110 / 17.5 / 1280

Product attributes:


90 mm


17.5 m


126-90-110 mm

Reference Length 170 cm

Rocker Type tiprockerTip Rocker
Ski Touring Category
  • Allround
  • Uphill Performance
  • Race
  • Freeride / Tour
1090 Gramm/Stk.(Reference Length 170 Zentimeter)
Binding System:Free Choice