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Blackroll Booster Head Box Fitness accesoires

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Product details: Blackroll Booster Head Box Fitness accesoires

The Booster Head Box takes massage and vibration to a new level. The combination of the Blackroll® Booster with the Slim Roll and the Booster Head offers a variety of uses. You will have the right tool, whether you want to enhance the regeneration after exercise, to warm up your muscles or to treat painful spots. The Booster´s continuously adjustable vibrations from 12-56 Hz increase the effectiveness of the massage, loosen tight muscles and may reduce pain. Additionally, the Booster can be used for vibration training. Combined with the Blackroll® Slim, the Booster can be used anywhere. It is highly effective and comes in a convenient size. The lean dimensions increase the effectiveness of the roll.


• All effective tools in one box – combined with the Booster
• Versatile applications thanks to the effective attachments and the Blackroll® Slim
• he different attachments for the Booster Head allow for spot-specific and laminar massages
• Ideal for muscle activation, regeneration and for the treatment of painful spots
• Perfect combination of massage and vibration
• The slimmer roll allows for a deeper, more intense massage
• Continuously adjustable Vibra Motion Technology