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Spark R&D

Spark R&D was founded in 2006 in Bozeman, Montana. From the company's headquarter it’s just a few miles to the Bridger Mountains.


As part of the Rocky Mountains the mountain range is a great inspiration for Spark R&D to develop their splitboard bindings as well as accessories such as, for example, crampons. The special feature of Spark R&D is the experienced team, which works with a lot of motivation. The team itself consists of passionate splitboarders and can therefore especially profit from this experience and the passion. Also the team knows exactly what is still missing to them during splitboarding and what could make splitboarding even better. These ideas are then gradually implemented and new innovations are always being created.

The first ideas for Spark R&D came about, when Will, founder, owner and chief designer, took his first strides on a splitboard in the backcountry. He loved it and found it a lot better than snow shoes. However, he found that it would be even better with a binding that is especially produced for splitboards. In his opinion, there should be an even better way for snowboarders to get into the backcountry. And so, Will, who is a mechanical engineer as well, designed a special binding for splitboards and went on his own great journey. From this moment on, the interest in design and the performance of this binding grew so strongly that a customer waiting list emerged. Thanks to this great demand, patents were applied for and the Spark R&D brand was founded.


At the beginning the production of Spark R&D splitboard bindings was taken over by other machine shops and vendors. However, since the lead times were very long and the team wanted to have full control over the final product, they began to gradually acquire machines, tools, equipment and staff. This is how all the manufacturing steps - from processing to assembly - are carried out in their own company, which is a profit for the company. Due to the manufacturing steps in-house, the products can develop faster. At the same time, Spark R&D always tries to adapt to the needs of its customers and also always reacts of constructive feedback. And best of all, the team can test the finished products right away in the Bridger Mountains.

After an exciting, fascinating and also turbulent time at the beginning with numerous challenges such as late shipments, short buckle springs or machines catching on fire, Spark R&D has developed further and gained a lot of experience and has already been very successful for over 10 years on the market.