The Californian brand O´Neill was founded by Jack O´Neill, a passionate surfer. Nowadays, O´Neill has long stopped being “just” a brand for surfers, rather than also setting new standards in the realms of snowboarding and lifestyle.
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It all started with the invention of the wetsuit. This achievement by Jack O´Neil, in 1952 lead to the founding of the very first surf shop in the world and thus became the hour of birth of the correspondent company. Already in the 1960s, the brand expanded across the Atlantic Ocean and in the following decade, the neoprene ski pants as well as the surf-leash were born. Ever since O´Neill has its roots in Northern California, the power of nature always served as the outdoor brand´s soul food. According to the mantra, “It´s always summer on the inside”. This motto was subsequently transformed into action in the ice-cold waves of Northern California. Now, Jack O´Neill reached his goal: he was able to surf longer. So, despite the fact that the founder passed away in 2017 at age 94 in Santa Cruz, CA, his vision of functional and innovative board-sport and lifestyle gear continues to live on. It is the basis for all O´Neill products and is sure to inspire you to embark on exciting and challenging outdoor adventures.

Naturally, to this very day the brand philosophy consists of the two main components of innovative style and technologies – just like you imagine your action sports equipment! Neoprene suit, surf-leash, the first seamless surf shorts – the innovative spirit of the company´s founder always served as the brand´s fuel. Today, O´Neill harbors a wide product range and is ready to equip you from head to toe with the latest swag. For example, the hip brand may provide you with ski apparel, cross-country apparel, snowboard apparel, as well as jackets, pants, functional underwear, beanies, or outdoor apparel. Add to that: you can find O´Neill products all over the world. Due to the unrestrained excitement for action sports culture, O´Neill subscribed to the mantra of progressive evolution and has managed to establish itself as one of the leading lifestyle brands. Just to name a recent example, South African surf pro Jordy Smith has become the face of the company.


Of course, the issue of sustainability is ubiquitous at O´Neil as well. An important part here, is to accept responsibility toward our planet´s health, optimize workflows and demand and support a more just set of working conditions along the entire supply chain. In 1996, Jack O´Neill himself founded the Sea Odyssey, which he once described as the very best project he had ever initiated. This program is centered around a catamaran, which serves as the host for a sea and environmental education program. In 2018, the 100.000th student came aboard. Here, up and coming researchers have the opportunity to examine the newly designated water protection area Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and gain a deep understanding of marine life.

Additionally, O´Neill´s agenda calls to increase human prosperity, use natural resources responsibly, advance free trade and focus on international working standards for the protection of employees´ rights. Accordingly, O´Neill has been an Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) member since 2009. Just to give a concrete example, in Bangladesh, O´Neill engages in the enlightenment of employees concerning their working rights, the protection of the country´s buildings and the issue of fire protection. In 2018, the Californians signed the Bangladesh Transition Accord in order to maintain the already accomplished successes and progresses within the local clothing sector and, if possible, to embellish them.