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The traditional brand Komperdell was founded 100 years ago and manufactures poles, snowshoes and protectors with a lot of passion – the products are 100% Made in Austria. With its 3-year free repair service, the company sets an example against the throwaway society.

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More about Komperdell

Why is Komperdell a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

With the help of state-of-the-art production facilities in Mondsee/Austria, Komperdell creates high-quality, sustainably manufactured products that are designed to withstand high loads over a long period of time. Should something break, the brand offers a free repair service for products up to three years old. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Komperdell is characterized above all by the following points:

- The company is committed to responsibility throughout the supply chain and follows responsible purchasing practices

- The company pursues an environmentally friendly, resource-saving production in the EU

- The company produces in the EU and thus ensures short transport routes  

Committed to sustainability

Manufacture where you live and where others go on vacation — the traditional Austrian brand Komperdell has committed itself to the strictest environmental standards in production. Because if you live and work surrounded by nature, your brand values ​​are inevitably based on responsible, sustainable considerations. As a result, the brand has a modern, environmentally friendly production that does not use harmful substances. According to the manufacturer, the "pollutant load is one percent of the Austrian limit and one thousandth of a comparable plant in the Far East."

Wherever possible, recycled materials are used. The energy for the systems comes from hydropower and the raw materials come from environmentally conscious manufacturers. The brand uses water-based paints and the aluminum dust is filtered out of the exhaust air with water separators and then 100 percent recycled. Since the brand develops and manufactures locally in Austria, the delivery routes are particularly short.

Repair service

Great for the environment: the Austrians offer a 3-year free repair service. The service, which is unique worldwide according to the company, allows you to send the touring and trekking models you bought within the last three years directly to Komperdell in the event of damage. No matter what happened: the brand will take care of your poles within 24 hours. To use this service, all you have to do is fill out the return form on the official Komperdell website.

Komperdell says, "We not only want to produce top-quality products, we also want to offer the best service. Our free 3-year repair service makes this clear. Everything we do, we do with integrity, credibility, and honesty. In every Komperdell product, you can feel our passion for the highest quality and the lifeblood of our team."


Komperdell was founded by the Bednar family in the Austrian capital of Vienna. In the early 1930s, hiking, billiard and trekking sticks were made from hazelnut wood, which were still unique at the time. From the first hazelnut and bamboo poles to the super light and unbreakable carbon tube of today, Komperdell ensures the highest quality and consistency and is now the leading brand in the field of alpine poles.