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The story of Komperdell begins in 1922. Komperdell was founded more than 90 years ago by a company called Bednar in the austrian capital Vienna.  

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More about Komperdell

At first, Komperdell has only produced walking, billiard- and trekking-sticks, which were made of hazelnut. In the early 1930s, these sticks were very rare. From the first hazelnut and bamboo sticks to the super-lightweight and break-resistant carbon tube from today, Komperdell ensures the highest quality and is now the leading brand of poles for the alpine sector. 

Passion and honest quality from Austria

Komperdell are proud that we still manufacture in Austria. Every single products is made 100 % at Komperdell headquarter in Austria/Mondsee, from the first idea to the product ready for series production. For the brand, sustainability means a conscious, long-term approach to our environment - to nature, employees, business partners and above all to the customers. The satisfaction of Komperdell customers is the constant motivation.

Komperdell says: "We not only want to produce top-quality products, but also offer the best service. Our free 3-year repair service illustrates this. Everything we do, we do with integrity, credibility and honesty. In every Komperdell product you can feel our passion for top quality and the heart and soul of our team."


New millennium means new products

Komperdell set new standards in year 2000 with telescopic poles from the highest-strength aluminum alloy that ever existed. In 2002, Komperdell also launched it´s specially developed protector line, which was tested in cooperation with specialists such as KTM. Just one year later there was the new fitness wave from Scandinavia - Nordic Walking. Komperdell naturally offered functional Nordic Walking clothing as well as the appropriate nordic walking poles

Komperdell: Make good ideas in the highest quality

This is the aim of Komperdell´s in-house technicians, who were constantly looking for new possibilities and product improvements. 100% of all Komperdell poles have been produced in Austria since the 1930s. The passion of the employees is to see traditional values and enthusiasm for new things and to become better and better. The result is an honest appearance on the market and this gives Komperdell stability and constant values. Sport Conrad is a big fan of Komperdell so we have a big selection of their high-quality products in our shop - look around and convince yourself!

Something that really sets the Austrians apart, is their free 3-year repair service warranty. In the case of any damage, the – according to the company – worldwide unique service gives you the chance to send those touring and trekking poles directly to Komperdell, which you bought within the past three years. No matter what happens, Komperdell is guaranteed to take care of your poles. In order to use this service, just fill out the return-form on Komperdell´s official website.