In Hamburg - St. Pauli, opposites attract and create an energetic atmosphere. This is why the Hanseatic people of BERGAMONT also build bicycles for the mountains. The company is convinced that an essential part of our future mobility will be muscle-powered. Together, we can change the way we as a society plan and build our cities and thus also how we experience mobility: from e-gravelers to purebred mountain bikes to powerful cargo bikes. As one of the fastest-growing bike brands in Europe , BERGAMONT stands for quality bicycles with a Hanseatic spirit for over 20 years.

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More about Bergamont


Bergamont doesn´t only produce mountain- and trail-bikes, but also e-bikes and various bike accessories. Alongside its engineers and with different bike frames, the corporation creates a fantastic cycling experience for everybody. You can use Bergamont bikes for any venture, no matter if you are looking for a mundane city-bike for everyday use, a fast e-bike for your way to work, or a high-end mountain bike for sports and leisure.

Born in the heart of Saint Pauli, Bergamont puts a huge emphasis on their origins. The Saint Pauli philosophy is that of a life without any bling-bling and where everybody has the right to choose whatever he or she wants to do with his/her time. This is why the bikes are crafted under such themes like "MyRideMyTime" or "straight from St. Pauli“. They are adapted to the individual needs of the customers and don´t waste any time with unnecessary stuff. The bikes can be categorized into four groups: sportive, trekking urban city, e-comfort, and e-sport because, after all, e-bikes have become a regular part of Bergamont´s range.

Another aspect of Bergamont´s mentality is the search for people who are excited about biking. Ideally those people, who are not all about reaching the biggest success possible, but who are rather keen on experiencing adventures they can sample with their bike. Furthermore, the brand is shaped by the typical Hamburg way of life of being cosmopolitan and polite, yet introvert at times. What the people at Bergamont say about themselves is, well, that they may also be a little wacky. But that´s just not a problem at all because their rather unconventional attitude is the cornerstone of a plethora of innovative ideas and sensational bikes.


Kai Markus Xiong and Georg Hackl are Bergamont´s representatives and regularly test their products. Kai, who is a runner, is Bergamont´s brand ambassador, while Georg´s function is that of e-bike ambassador. Georg is a three-time bobsleigh World champion and Olympic gold medalist who, in the meantime, has retired from the sport and, now, shares his passion for e-bikes. Considering these two fascinating personalities, Bergamont´s motivation seems to be ever more obvious: it is not so much about winning, since both athletes succeeded in other disciplines than biking, rather than genuine cycling and fun. Bergamont´s biggest aim is to make cycling as attractive as possible. This is why the company crafts bikes for everybody, no matter if you are a pro or just an average biker. Within Bergamont´s range, thus, you are sure to find your next bike.


Although Bergamont has continued to develop and significantly grow in the last 25 years, the brand remains down-to-earth und maintains the quality of its bikes. Each bike is thoroughly tested before it enters the market in order to provide the customer with a maximum of security. That way, Bergamont unites functionality, sportiness, and sophisticated design. What´s also important to Bergamont is to show „their true colors” and not to budge. Bergamont sticks to its aim-oriented and straight-forward image and continues to create new and contemporary bikes for any occasion.