In Hamburg - St. Pauli contrasts are given and create an energetic atmosphere. The Hanseatics are sure that a significant part of our future mobility will be muscle-powered. Together as a society, we can change the way we plan and build our cities, and with it, how we experience mobility. From e-gravelbikes to durable mountain bikes to powerful cargo bikes, Bergamont has stood for quality bicycles with a Hanseatic spirit for over 20 years.

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More about Bergamont

Roots and Mentality in Sankt Pauli

Bergamont produces e-bikes and various bicycle accessories next to mountain bikes, trekking bikes, gravel bikes. The company creates unique riding experiences on two wheels. Whether you are looking for a city bike for everyday life and work or an e-mountain bike for sports and leisure, among the Bergamont bikes, you'll find the right bike for every endeavor.

All around these Haneatic guys, everything revolves to the heart of every bicycle: the frame. Regardless of whether a women's or men's bike is being created and regardless of whether it's a bike for city- or trailrides. The success of a bike depends on the model's frame.

The Bergamont team sits in the saddle again and again to test the geometry, the individual components and the handling. Whenever time permits, they go off-road. After all, there is no better way to put the bike models through their paces than to do your own test rides. The resulting experience goes directly into the further development of the bikes.

The individual taste

In 1993, Bergamont was born in Hamburg in a tiny bicycle workshop. Born in the heart of St. Pauli, Bergamont places a lot of emphasis in their roots. The philosophy of St. Pauli refers to a life without frills and self-determination of their own time. Therefore, the bikes are also designed under the motto "MyRideMyTime" and "straight from St.Pauli". The bikes can be divided into four groups:

Sportive | Trekking Urban City | E-Comfort | E-Sport

Bergamont is always looking for people with an enthusiasm for cycling. People who do not focus on success, but on the experience with their bike. In addition, the brand is characterized by a typical Hanseatic attitude to life: cosmopolitan and friendly, but rough like the sea.

This extraordinary and salty way great ideas and creates bikes and frames with an individual flair.

Bikes tested by founders and engineers

It's less about winning and more about the sport of cycling and the fun itself. Above all, it's about making cycling as attractive as possible and carrying on the passion. That's why Bergamont makes bikes for everyone. Whether professional or recreational athlete, man, woman or child, with this brand you will certainly find the right bike.

"Every time someone gets on a bike instead of getting in a car, that's a win ..."

Where are the bikes developed and produced?

The entire development of the bikes as well as the assembly of the components takes place in Germany. Bergamont is constantly looking to optimize frame geometries, durability and weight of the bikes. The developers use the experience gained over the years and also work closely with experts from the Technical University in Hamburg-Harburg. The actual manufacture of the frames, whether aluminum or carbon, takes place in the Asian region and is imported for final production.

The diverse ranges of use are many and varied. Meanwhile, the product line of Bergamont includes mountain bikes, road bikes, city bikes, cargo and folding bikes, children's bikes and e-bikes.

"Our heart goes out to all cyclists. We root for and suffer with our team riders as much as we admire the commuters in the daily chaos of the urban jungle."

Bergamont follows a clear track and stays loyal to itself

The growth of recent years has been clearly noticeable, yet the Hanseatic League remains down to earth and maintains the high quality of its bikes. To offer you the greatest possible safety, each bike is thoroughly tested and inspected before it comes on the market. Thus, the brand combines quality, sportiness and well-thought-out design, which is reflected in the MTBs, city bikes, cargo bikes, folding bikes and last but not least in the E-Performance bikes.

In case you're still not sure whether a bike with or without a motor is right for you, we'll show you the pros and cons of an e-bike in this blog post.