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Product details: ATK Raider 12 inkl. Stopper Alpine Touring Bindings Black / White

The ATK Raider 12 is ATK's top model for demanding ski tourers for whom weight is certainly an important factor, but who are not willing to compromise on performance. A concentrate of technology, elegance and design at the highest level.

The R12 family features four different production technologies and 6 ATK patents, on the new Snow Pack Proof system to prevent snow, ice and foreign bodies from entering the front automatic blocking mechanism.

The great know-how that ATK has acquired developed in the race field has also allowed to achieve a weight of only 330 grams, including the new rear ski brake that offers a great braking effect with surprising ease of use and low weight.

A new fully adjustable Freeride Spacer is available as an accessory and definitely closes the gap between the Free Touring and Free Ride categories, bringing precision and power transmission to the level of alpine race bindings.


• Aluminum alloy, stainless steel, POM.
• Z-value: 5-12
• Adjustment range on the rear jaw: 25 mm
• Climbing aids: Flat, +32 mm, +37 mm, +46 mm, +52 mm


According to the manufacturer, the binding is ideal for:
• Medium width: 80 – 120 mm
• Ski weight: 1000 – 1700 g



Magnet Heel Flaps
A magnetic system as clever as it is simple guarantees the stability of the climbing aids on the heel unit.

Snow Pack Proof
A special design of the toe avoids any accumulation of snow, ice, or stones under the blocking mechanism of the toe.

Uphill Hardness Variator
This system is an exclusive privilege of the RT, R12 and FR14 family of bindings. Between the front lever and the base of the tip there is a selector switch with several positions. When changing the position of the selector switch, the tension hardness of the tip varies in the mode of ascent when increasing the pressure on the blocking mechanism.

Fast-in system
FAST-IN SYSTEM consists of a special design of the tip: the frontal lever is designed to keep the ski boot in the perfect position for step-in.

Cam Release System
The king of ATK's patented systems! The CAM Release System is installed on our heel units to allow for step-in and vertical release in the event of a fall. The special CAM profile is pressed by a preloaded spring against the fixation pins of the heel unit: during step-in or release in case of a fall, the pins are forced to follow the CAM profile, which reacts with a precise release resistance of the pins depending on the release value preset on the heel unit.

Elastic Response System
A spring is inserted between the slide of the heel unit and the adjustment screw of the binding. When the ski flexes due to compression or a jump, the 4 mm distance between the ski boot and the heel unit can decrease to zero. In this case, the heel unit can move backwards thanks to the Elastic Response System and return when the load is over.


Please note: The selected stopper size should be the next largest, based on the ski's center width (example: center width 95 mm -> 100 mm stopper). The "Size" selection corresponds to the stopper width.

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ATK Raider 12 inkl. Stopper Alpine Touring Bindings Black / White

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Product attributes:

DIN Setting:12
Original Colour:Black / White
Ski Touring Category:Freetouring
Weight:335 g/Stk.