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Product details: ATK Candy 5 incl. Stoppers Alpine Touring Bindings Black / White / Lightblue Kids

With the Candy 5, ATK has developed a ski touring binding for children and young people. It embodies a balanced combination of robustness and simple and intuitive handling. With a Z-value between 1.5 - 5 and a light, minimalist design, this binding is ideally suited to the lower body weight of children and teenagers.

Equipped with the incomparable Cam-Release-System in theback part, this binding offers you a super-soft step-in that requires only a few kilos of pressure to get started.

 RELEASE VALUES: variably adjustable vertical (My) and lateral (Mz) release values from Z 1.5 - 5.
• The innovative front jaw made of carbon plastic, which is already used in "Release10" and "C-Raider12", has been further developed for even easier handling and, among other things, equipped with a larger locking lever made of special plastic and, above all, with softer springs that further improve safety.
• The rear jaw, which has been simplified compared to "normal" models, offers an adjustment range of 50 mm and two different walking positions, which can be reached by turning the rear jaw.
the rear jaw
• The incomparable CAM-RELEASE-SYSTEM in the rear jaw offers a super-soft step-in here, requiring only a few kilos of pressure to get into the binding,
while the ELASTIC-RESPONSESYSTEM, which is also integrated, guarantees a total length compensation of 12mm and thus further increases release safety.
• The proven stopper on the rear jaw is available in 5 widths (75, 86, 91, 97, 102 mm) and comes with a significantly softer spring on the locking button than in the standard version


• Child-friendly ski touring binding for lightweight persons under 40 kg
• Trigger values adjustable between 1.5 - 5
• Length adjustment of 50 mm
• 2 walking positions: flat + 50 mm
• Material: Alu 7075, stainless steel, POM 



Easy Entry System: new geometry of the toe parts elements that makes the step-in easy and confident with any tech boot available on the market, even in case of worn out soles.

The CAM RELEASE SYSTEM is fitted inside of our touring bindings heel parts in order to drive the boot step-in and vertical release in case of fall. A special CAM profile is pressed towards the heel pins by a pre-tensioned spring: when the step-in or a fall release occur, the pins are forced to go through the CAM profile which provides a precise resistance to the pin release, depending on the release value set on the binding.
- Provides the best downhill performance on the market, with consistent and unrivalled reduction of boot-torsion.
- Extremely precise release performance.
- Provides the easiest step-in heel in the sector.
- Compact dimensions and exceptionally light.

Skis flex when compressed or while jumping, thanks to ELASTIC RESPONSE SYSTEM the heel piece slides towards the tail and repositions itself once normal conditions are restored.
- Safeguards the natural flexibility of skis.
- Enhanced release mechanism in the event of falls.
- Reduces the pressure on the ski-boot-binding system.


Please note: the selected stopper size should be the next largest, based on the center width of the ski (example: center width 95mm -> 100mm stopper). The selection "Size" corresponds to the stopper width.

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ATK Candy 5 incl. Stoppers Alpine Touring Bindings Black / White / Lightblue Kids

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Original Colour:Black / White / Lightblue
Ski Touring Category:Allround
Sustainability:Made In EUWir Denken Um
Weight:290 g/Stk.