Sustainability at Houdini

Houdini is a Swedish outdoor company founded in 1993 that offer a complete range of functional clothing, from underwear to shell garments. Together with an odd band of activists, artists, scientists and adventurers they are transforming the outdoor industry in terms of performance, aesthetics and sustainability. They make products for people with big hearts and curious minds. People that love this planet therefore want to make it a better place.
At Houdini, sustainability work is simply work

The team at Houdini does not view sustainability as a separate area within their operations – it is an integral part of everything they do. They don’t see any contradiction between sustainability and good business; on the contrary, sustainability is a prerequisite for business in the long run.  

A substantial part of Houdini’s products has been transformed from a linear to a circular lifespan. This means most of their products can be recycled and remade through a closed-loop recycling system. To extend product lifetime further and offer alternative ways of consumption Houdini also offer clothing rental, second hand sales and repair services.  

Houdini recognizes the fact that we are all an inseparable part of nature and the company intend to do everything in their power to save and improve our fantastic planet.

The Houdini Manifesto

Every resource we use is borrowed from nature and we will therefore treat it carefully.

We will fight overconsumption.

We will contribute to the development and implementation of sustainable technology.

We will collaborate with others and share our knowledge.

We will speak for nature when no one else does.

We will question our own way of working and evolve to address the challenges we face.

We will encourage free thinking and individuality among ourselves. Environmental, social and economic factors are interdependent and system change depends on all of them.

Our work is fuelled by passion and therefore we take our passions seriously.

We will keep exploring the world around us.

When it snows, we will go skiing.

When there’s surf, we will go surfing.

We will keep falling in love with nature, and we will bring our friends with us.

We will never stop having fun.  

We will keep working to minimize our negative footprint, move beyond zero, and leave an entirely positive impact on the world.