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"100% of our materials are recycled, recyclable, renewable, biodegradable or Bluesign* certified fabrics." - Houdini, a Swedish outdoor company founded in 1993, offers a full range of functional clothing, from underwear to hardshell jackets. Together with an odd group of activists, artists, scientists and adventurers, they are changing the outdoor industry in terms of performance, aesthetics and sustainability. They make products for people with big hearts and curious minds. People who love this planet and therefore want to make it a better place.

Let's have a talk with Houdini

ALL the materials we use this season are environmentally sustainable in one way or another. After countless hours of development, intense discussions and often tough decisions, we can now say that it really is possible to change the way clothes are produced. This makes us incredibly proud, but does it also mean that we have done everything with it? Not by a long shot!

We are going to change the textile industry from the ground up. Clothes are being produced, used and thrown away at an ever-increasing rate. This has to stop. Our main goal is to create real alternatives to linear consumption. A circular system where long-lasting products can be used, repaired and reused, and eventually become resources for something new. 84% of our fall and winter 2022 collection is completely circular and this number continues to increase season after season.

Houdini Manifesto

WE DESIGN OUR products to become lifelong companions. To extend their life, we offer care, repair and reuse services. With our rental service, we go beyond products, questioning business models and exploring how our products can be shared.

And with our Reuse second-hand service, we enable our customers to buy and sell used Houdini clothing. This further extends the life of the product and reduces the overall environmental impact by reducing the need for new clothing.

WE ARE CHANGING this industry, and it's happening fast. We promise not to give up until we reach our goal of a fully sustainable textile industry. Join us in our commitment for a better world. Together we can change things!

* Bluesign is a certification that ensures no harmful substances are used right from the start of the manufacturing process. It also sets and controls standards for environmentally friendly and safe production.