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Based in Chamonix, ZAG manufactures touring, freeride and all-mountain skis with the highest technical precision and intuitive handling. To minimize the environmental impact of ski production, the French brand has launched the ZAGREEN program.

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Why is ZAG a WIR DENKEN UM brand?  

ZAG is a brand founded in 2002 by passionate skiers and alpinists who recognized that they had to act as sustainably as possible in order to preserve the mountains as a place for future adventures. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, ZAG is characterized by the following points:

- The company is committed to responsibility throughout the supply chain and follows responsible purchasing practices

- The company pursues an environmentally friendly, resource-saving production

- The company runs its own production facility and mainly produces in the EU with short transport routes. The brand pays attention to sustainable chemical management and does not use dangerous chemicals  


Skiing is often not particularly sustainable: people usually travel there by car, lift systems require an enormous amount of energy and skis have so far been made from very innovative, but often not very sustainable materials. The French ski brand ZAG is working on changing exactly that with its ZAGREEN program. Because ZAG has understood that they have to make a contribution in order to be able to practice our beloved mountain sport in the future.

The ZAG Research & Development department is constantly looking for more sustainable alternatives: by using bio-based materials such as castor oil, reused materials such as recycled steel edges and FSC-certified wood cores, the brand tries to minimize the environmental impact of ski production. In addition, the distances are kept short: the majority of the materials used for ski construction come from Europe. Transparency and honest communication with the factories where the skis are manufactured is also important to ZAG. ZAG is also committed through partnerships with initiatives such as Protect Our Winters, 1% for the Planet, and Mountain Wilderness.


The freeride and ski touring brand was born in Chamonix, at the foot of Mont Blanc. The team at ZAG consists of 12 passionate skiers from the areas of alpinism, ski touring and freeriding. This is reflected in the core brand's product range, which appeals to ski mountaineers and freeriders alike. In the company's own ZAG Lab, the developers work on models that offer a high level of performance, but at the same time can be skied extremely intuitively. The prototypes developed in-house have to pass the endurance test around the Aguille du Midi before they finally make it into the ski collection.

Pro freeriders such as Julien Lopez and Wadeck Gorak have proven several times on the Freeride World Tour that ZAG skis feel at home on the toughest lines in the world. The brand also visually sets itself apart from the competition: together with the Saint-Lazare design office, models are created that are characterized by a clear design language and striking color combinations. Since 2017, the French started to focus more and more on environmental protection: the ZAGREEN program aims to reduce environmental pollution to a minimum and raise awareness of the subject in the ski community.