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Product details: ZAG Harfang 96 W 23/24 Skis Women

The ZAG Harfang promise great descents, whether in powder or on hard snow. The all-round variant of the Harfang series is the ZAG Harfang 96W, a versatile, high-performance freeride ski for women, developed for ski patrols in Chamonix.

This ski is designed for every woman looking for a pair of skis adaptable to all terrain and snow conditions.

Incredible grip on hard snow and also easy to use in the deep powder. The most versatile woman’s ski in the line!

Zag uses only FSC-certified wood for their skis. The edges are made of recycled material and the topsheet is made of 50 % bio-based polyamide.


• Tail protection : durability
• Half-cap constructon: strengths transmission
• 100 % woodcore: poplar = durability
• Strong edges increased resistance to impacts
• Multi-axial fibers: reinforced strengths
• Rocker: Tip 25 %, Tail 15 %


• Heavy Duty Construction
• Semi CAP Structure 
• Double glass multiaxial fiber layer
• Poplar woodcore
• ABS sidewall
• HR edges
• Sintered base
• Phenol sheet
• Adaptive Absorber


Ski Sensations (acc. manufacturer):
Versatility: 5/5
Handling: 5/5
Stability:  4/5
Off Piste Aptitude: 4/5
Piste Aptitude: 4/5
Uphill Aptitude: 2/5
Downhill Apititude: 4/5


Heavy Duty: Harfang - All mountain / Freeride
The best compromise between stiffness in torsion and flex. Composed of a double layer multiaxial fiberglass, the goal is to make skis that are effective in all types of snow.
From the legendary H-112, having proven themselves attached to the legs of the best ZAG riders, the Heavy Duty construction gives skiers maximum reliability and safety. Lightweight, for more off-piste flotation, but stiff to fully enjoy days of chopped snow. This construction gives the ski great edge hold on hard snow so to link the turns!

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ZAG Harfang 96 W 23/24 Skis Women

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Product attributes:


96 mm


17 m


131-96-115.5 mm

Reference Length 164 cm

Rocker Type tipntailrockerTip & Tail Rocker
Binding System:Free Choice
Ski Category:TelemarkskisFreeride / Free Touring Skis
Ski Touring Category:Freetouring
Sustainability:Made In EUFSC certifiedWir Denken Um
Weight:1620 g/Stk.