Thanks to the high quality and wide product range, Haglöfs, today, is a leading supplier of outdoor clothing and outdoor equipment in the international market.

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More about Haglöfs

Why is Haglöfs a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

Haglöfs' Vision: #1 Responsible Outdoor Performance Brand. The Swedish company has set itself high sustainability targets for the journey to that goal. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Haglöfs stands out in the following ways:

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain
- It prides itself on ecologically friendly, resource-saving production
- Haglöfs has been climate neutral since 2021

Climate neutral - but Haglöfs had to “cheat” to get there

Haglöfs joins the growing number of companies referring to themselves as “climate neutral” and is pursuing an ambitious climate strategy: reduce emissions by 50% over the next 10 years and reach net zero by 2030, while taking full responsibility for the remaining emissions along the way - in other words, unavoidable emissions are offset by funding certified environmental protection projects. In addition to climate neutrality, Haglöfs has set itself high sustainability goals with their commitment focusing on three areas: A Life Well Lived, One Planet Production and Our People. Haglöfs produces high-quality outdoor clothing designed to last. This is done by consistently selecting the best materials with the lowest impact on the environment, whether recycled, organic, bluesign or RDS certified. Not only that, Haglöfs strives to make a positive impact on the people who work for the Swedish company and on the outdoor sports community.

HAGLÖFS stands for modern & timeless design

However, Haglöfs' outdoor apparel is not only functional, high-quality and sustainable, but is also characterized by its modern, timeless designs. At the same time, it is particularly important for the Swedish company to keep the "classics" of their collections up-to-date by integrating the latest innovations and adding some new details. In this context, Haglöfs also places a special emphasis on the life span of the products, which is being improved constantly.

Haglöfs has already received numerous awards in the areas of design, innovation and sustainability, and was even voted the most sustainable brand of the year in Sweden in 2015. Taking a closer look at the sustainability-strategies and long-term goals of the company, this is by no means surprising. Social and ecological responsibility are at the center of the developmental strategy at Haglöfs. The ecological footprint of each product is analyzed in detail and constantly improved. To just name one of many examples: Since 2016, Haglöfs has only been using fairly gained downs, which are obtained as a by-commodity of food production.