Gore Wear

Three bikers in gore wear stand on a street and smile into the camera.

The best function and quality: That's what GORE WEAR stands for – plus durability. After all, the more durable a product is, the smaller its ecological footprint.

Three bikers in gore wear stand on a street and smile into the camera.
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More about Gore Wear

Why is GORE Wear a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

Both GORE and the Fabrics Division seek to make a positive difference in the world and have declared sustainability a top priority. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, GORE stands out in the following ways:

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain
- It promotes fair working conditions and has been a member of the Fair Labor Association since 2012
- GORE Wear pursues environmentally friendly, resource-saving production and drives sustainable material innovations

GORE Wear: For a positive difference

Ross MacLaine, Sustainability Leader of the Gore Fabrics Division, explains: "At the Gore Fabrics Division, we strongly believe that a healthy planet and society are the foundation of our business. We are committed to minimizing the impact of our operations and products on the environment. And we want to drive change in our industry ... in order to address global sustainability issues." The bike, running and outdoor collections are produced using materials that have been tested for harmful substances and are certified to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex or bluesign to ensure compliance with the most stringent environmental and safety standards in the textile industry. In addition, GORE is committed to ethical principles and respectful business practices, both within the company and the value chain. In 2012, GORE Wear joined the Fair Labor Association (FLA), a multi-stakeholder initiative that promotes and protects labor rights and improves working conditions in the company’s contract factories.


GORE Wear products embody a clear commitment to innovation. The bike and running clothing goes through many tests and is constantly improved so that it supports athletes perfectly at all time. True to the principle of "Form follows function", GORE Wear running and bike clothing is tailored to men and women who are always on the move.

The focus of further development is on people, because the product should fit them. That's why it's not enough to let the researchers tinker with the materials and membranes; they also have to be constantly tested. And that means a lot of tests. Since functionality comes first at GORE Wear, the running and bike clothing has to be tested by those who actually use it. That's why the company works with professional athletes, both in development and design. The brand's jackets, trousers, shorts, vests, bike underwear, beanies and headbands, as well as arm and leg warmers are tested in a wide range of weather and temperature conditions to ensure athletes are constantly protected and comfortable.

The history of GORE Wear

The history of GORE Wear stems from the innovative tradition of a technology company founded in 1958 called W. L. Gore & Associates. Through constant development, Gore has become a global company. It develops highly innovative products for a wide range of areas, such as medical equipment, aerospace, footwear, workwear and sportswear. In 1985, GORE Wear launched the first waterproof and windproof Gore-Tex jacket, the GIRO. The extended back, which is now integrated as standard in almost every cycling jacket, was revolutionary at the time. The GIRO jacket laid the foundation for the later GORE Bike Wear. 7 years later, the first products were equipped with Windstopper. These protect against the "wind chill effect", because it's precisely the combination of cool temperatures and the wind that makes your skin cool down quickly during outdoor sports. The first jerseys and trousers follow in 1993. Characterised by exciting prints and highly functional fabrics, the GORE Wear brand impressed with innovative and functional clothing.

Another important milestone in the history of GORE Wear came in 1997, when the company began offering highly functional clothing for runners. Initially a small collection, the GORE Running Wear range soon includes pants, jackets, waistcoats, tights and even socks and gloves. Literally, dressed from head to toe in GORE Running Wear, you can start your next race or leisurely after-work run today. No wonder the Windstopper Helium jacket from the GORE Running Wear collection won the first Runner's World ISPO Award in 2002.

Soon after, the English edition of Runner's World gave it the "Innovation Of The Year Award" - for the first running brand with Windstopper technology. Launches of Gore-Tex Airvantage technology, Gore-Tex Comfort Mapping technology and Gore-Tex Active Shell technology follow, as well as the entry of GORE Running Wear products into the Japanese and American markets. In 2018, the GORE Bike Wear and GORE Running Wear brands are merged to form GORE Wear. From this point on, the innovative functional clothing for cyclists and runners can be found under the brand name GORE Wear.

Running and bike with GORE WEAR products

The GORE Wear brand offers a wide range of functional clothing for runners and all ambitious cyclists. The insulating, warm and varied designs store your body temperature and, depending on the membrane, protect you from dirt, wind and moisture.

GORE Wear Running

GORE Wear: Running jackets and running pants

In summer as in winter: Comfortable, functional and highly visible running clothing is essential when you're out and about. That's exactly what GORE Wear is all about. The running jackets and running pants give you the protection you need for your next race or training session. Jackets and trousers from GORE Wear form the outer layer and are equipped with membrane technologies such as Gore-Tex and Gore Windstopper. These ensure that cold, wet and wind do not affect you during your runs. On top of that, you will feel safe with the running jackets and running pants from GORE Wear, because in order to increase visibility, the running clothes are specifically designed with signal colours and reflective elements. This applies not only to long trousers, but to the entire men's and women's running collection from GORE Wear, such as shorts, pants, vests and headbands, as well as arm and leg warmers.

GORE Wear: Functional running baselayers

Ideally, you should wear functional running baselayers under your GORE Wear running jackets and running pants. Of course, the GORE Wear running collection also provides you with the right baselayer for your running adventures in the city and outdoors. An optimised seam design, flat seams and thin, soft material ensure that the baselayer shirts, long-sleeved shirts and underwear literally cling to your body like a second skin and offer you freedom of movement in all directions.

GORE Wear: Arm & leg warmers for running

Arm warmers and leg warmers are the perfect accessory for adapting your GORE Wear running gear to the weather conditions. You can easily combine shirts and shorts with additional coverage. To withstand wind, moisture and cold temperatures, most arm and leg warmers are made from Gore-Tex Infinium fabric with Gore Windstopper technology.

GORE Wear: Beanies, Caps & Headbands

Round off your running outfit with a matching headband, beanie or cap from the GORE Wear brand. Not only will it prevent sweat from running of your forehead, but it will also keep your ears and forehead warm - and not just in winter. The comfortable and functional headwear by GORE Wear is equipped with flat seams, comfortable stretch material and, depending on your needs, a warming and soft thermal inside. Reflective details on the caps, beanies and headbands ensure visibility at dusk.

GORE Wear: Running gloves

Looking for optimum warmth and protection for your hands while running? Thanks to GORE Wear gloves, you don't have to hide your hands in the pockets of your running jacket and shorts on the trail. The gloves offer excellent moisture transport, fit comfortably on your hands and often have reflective details. Thanks to their compact design, your indispensable training partner can be quickly and easily stowed in your jacket pocket.


GORE Wear: Bike

GORE Wear: Cycling jacketspants and shorts

Whether you're riding a mountain bike, road bike or gravel bike, a cycling jacket and cycling shorts are essential equipment for coping with a wide range of cycling conditions. When choosing, you should pay attention to optimal wearing comfort, temperature regulation, functionality and safety, because when you are sitting in the saddle for hours, you need a comfortable outfit. When buying cycling shorts, you should pay particular attention to a comfortable seat pad insert. These are either integrated into the shorts or available separately as padded pants. Stretch, weight and ventilation slits provide additional comfort. On the front of the cycling jackets and shorts, GORE Windstopper technology is essential. For training in wet weather or heavy rain, you should look for cycling clothing with a GORE-Tex membrane.

Depending on your personal preferences, GORE Wear therefore not only has pants and cycling shorts for men and women in its range, but also perfectly fitting bib pants. 

GORE Wear: Bike jerseys and Bike vests

GORE Wear waistcoats and jerseys complete your cycling outfit. Designed for hot days and equipped with the best technologies and wearing comfort. Flat seams, easy-access pockets and an ergonomic shape complete the look. Like bike jackets and bike shorts, GORE-Tex Infinium and GORE Windstopper provide breathability, windproofness and resistance to light rain.

GORE Wear: Bike Underwear

Bike underwear has to fit perfectly, because when you're in the saddle for several hours, it's the first layer that counts. GORE Wear underwear for men and women is made with soft fabric, elasticated waistbands, optimum moisture transport and flat seams, so you can concentrate 100 % on the trail or the road. 

GORE Wear: GORE Wear: Socks

Want to equip yourself from head to toe with GORE Wear bike clothing? That's no problem, because the sports brand's range also includes socks, caps, headbands and gloves for men and women. The short, medium and long socks by GORE Wear keep your feet cool and dry. Equipped with optimum toe and heel protection, flat seams, various types of insulation and padding, GORE Wear socks ensure a good and comfortable fit in your shoes.

GORE Wear: Beanies, Caps & Headbands

GORE Wear headbands and caps keep sweat and hair out of your eyes. They are soft and comfortable against the skin and, depending on the weather, have a thermal inner lining. Among the unusual designs in the GORE Wear collection, you are guaranteed to find headwear that matches your cycling outfit. Of course, the caps and headbands for men and women fit under a bike helmet and are equipped with reflective details.

GORE Wear: Bike gloves

Reliable grip and a good feel are essential on the bike. GORE Wear gloves keep your hands firmly on the handlebars. If you want to be on the safe side, you should choose GORE-Tex Infinium and GORE Windstopper when buying your cycling gloves. With this product technology, you can ride your mountain bike or road bike regardless of wind and weather, because they ensure that the GORE Wear gloves are breathable, windproof and permanently water-repellent. By the way, the bike gloves are available in short and long versions, whereby the long finger gloves are often equipped for touchscreen operation.


How does the GORE-Tex membrane work?

GORE-Tex is the cornerstone of GORE Wear products. The membrane provides maximum protection and comfort as it is windproof, waterproof and breathable at the same time. How does it work? GORE-Tex is made up of billions of tiny pores, much much smaller than a drop of water, but larger than a molecule of water vapour. This allows sweat to evaporate while rain stays outside. Every square centimetre consists of over 1.4 billion of these pores. In our GORE-Tex blog post you can find out about the properties of GORE-Tex, how the membrane works in detail and which GORE-Tex products we offer in the Sport Conrad webshop.

Benefits of Gore-Tex:

- Waterproof

- Windproof

- Breathable 

How does GORE Windstopper work?

But that's not all. GORE Wear builds on its technology and continues to develop. The result is GORE Windstopper products. These have an additional ultra-thin protective layer. This minimises the windchill effect and the garment remains breathable. At the same time, the material is waterproof. The windproof, water-repellent and extremely breathable GORE Windstopper products from GORE Wear are just right for endurance training rounds. They ensure that perspiration is wicked away and that your skin feels comfortable, no matter how fast you're going on foot or by bike.

How does GORE Thermium work?

GORE Thermium products are designed for particularly cold weather conditions. An additional layer of insulation ensures that heat loss is minimised. The durable and rain-resistant membrane ensures that you stay warm despite windy weather, light rain or snow showers. In addition, cycling and running apparel with GORE Thermium technology is maximally breathable and thus prevents overheating.

Benefits of GORE Thermium:

- Water repellent

- Windproof

- Breathable

- Cold-resistant up to + 5 °C 

How does Gore-Tex Infinium work?

Highly functional technologies enhance your performance: Jackets, pants, shorts, shirts, hats, gloves and overshoes with Gore-Tex Infinium are specially designed to support you optimally during your training. The membrane is 100 % windproof and has water-repellent properties. Whether you're cycling to work or going for a casual run, Gore-Tex Infinium products stand for performance in changing conditions. In summary, for you and your adventures, Gore-Tex Infinium is your partner when waterproofing is not a priority. Learn more about Gore-Tex Infinium in our blog. 

Benefits of GORE-Tex Infinium:

- Windproof

- Water repellent

- Breathable

Proper care of GORE Wear products

Clothing, footwear and gloves need to be washed properly so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. It's easier than most people think, and will actually increase the life of your products and keep their functionality intact! As a general rule, only wash clothes when they are visibly dirty, otherwise simply airing them out is often enough. If only the water that hits the garment no longer beads off, it is sufficient to put the GORE Wear product in the dryer without first washing it wet. During the spin-dry process, the heat reactivates the water-repellent particles on the surface. Although the GORE-Tex membrane is permanently waterproof, this is not necessarily the case with the layer on top, which is why it will absorb water after a while. And although this water does not reach you directly, it is still uncomfortable and makes you feel cold. You can also treat the garment with waterproofing spray. In general, you should always read the label before treating your GORE Wear product.


If you are not confident in caring for, washing and waterproofing your Gore-Tex products, you can get help from experts. Send your GORE Wear gear to Gore-Tex and get your washed and waterproofed product back in no time. All information about the service and the individual service packages can be found on the Gore-Tex website. In conclusion, if you regularly maintain and care for your favourite garment, you will benefit from top performance and a long service life. GORE Wear does not manufacture shoes directly, but instead sells the patented GORE Tex membrane to other manufacturers such as Scarpa or La SportivaFor more information on caring for your GORE Wear products, read our blog article.

GORE Wear: Bike and running apparel for men and women

GORE Wear running and bike apparel not only leaves nothing to be desired in terms of comfort, functionality and performance, but also offers men and women protection, flexibility and safety for their favourite sport. Saddle up or run: With clothing from the GORE Wear brand, you can go all in  - regardless of temperature or wind. The versatile GORE Wear running and cycling collection meets all the needs and demands of amateur and competitive athletes.