Ghost bikes are influenced by various factors. The passion to keep building better bikes steadily spurs the progress. Every item is fully loaded with the motivation and ability of all Ghost employees. 

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The pursuit of high-tech, however, only tells a fraction of the story – the impetus also consists of the customers´ demands and emotions. Pro athletes, random bikers, and spare time athletes all want the most beautiful, best, and safest bike for their sport. For junior bikers, the brand develops the mountain bike line Powerkid. Ghost materializes these demands into perfect bikes for every discipline. High-tech meets competitive experience, passion meets know-how. The results are technically nifty bikes with exciting features.

The numbers speak for themselves

The 25-year-old company was founded in 1993 in Waldsassen, Upper Palatinate, by Uwe Kalliwoda and Klaus Möhwald. Today, Ghost has become an international brand with over 335 employees. Still, home means an awful lot to Ghost. Despite operating factories in the Netherlands, Korea, Taiwan, Spain, or Southern China, more than 130 employees are still working in Waldsassen. After all, 70% of the entire production is still being done in the company´s hometown. The company´s first bike only weighed 9.9kg and was sold in 1993 for 2.000 DM. Ten years later, Marcus Klausmann joined Ghost and became the brand´s first pro rider. Alongside a number of other awards, in 2011, Ghost won the Red Dot Design Award.


Production and cooperation with pro athletes make Ghost bikes unique

Until a Ghost bike enters the market and gets in touch with the customers, it runs through various stages of development and production. Of course, in the beginning, there is an idea for a new bike and the according draft. If the draft has been pondered and elaborated on numerous occasions, it is time for the first prototype, which is then tested in-depth. If the need arises, this prototype is then improved. Finally, it is handed over to Ghost´s athletes´ team. In this step, the communication between the developmental unit and its team is extremely important because the athletes look back at some long-lasting experience and know exactly what a perfect bike is all about. In the last step, the bike is once again worked over and, then, is handed over to the production unit. Due to this long road to the customer, Ghost keeps on developing new and progressive technologies in the realm of biking. This process, from the employees, who are all bike enthusiasts, all the way to you, makes sure that each and every Ghost bike is equipped with its own character and is, thus, unique – especially when it comes to quality.

Furthermore, Ghost owns an international XC-World Cup Team, dubbed the Ghost Factory Racing Team. Momentarily, this team consists of five inspiring women: Barbara Benko, Anne Terpstra, Malene Degn, Sina Frei, and Lisa Pasteiner. Each of these five harbors an incredible fascination and joy about biking, which made them actually win a number of competitions throughout the last couple of years. If you take a look at the youngest of the bunch, Lisa Pasteiner, you get a feeling for the success of the entire team. This mountain bike talent has become, at the very young age of only nineteen, Junior Vice World Champion, Austria´s national junior champion, and Junior World Series winner in Austria, only to name a few. Ghost and its team share a mutual support. The female athletes wholeheartedly test their Ghost bikes in real competition and leave some precious feedback for the company.



The right bike for every situation

Although the founding took place more than 25 years ago, Ghost still goes with the times, stays up-to-date, and makes biking attractive to everybody. You can find specially crafted women´s and men´s bikes within the product range. Mainly, the brand produces mountainbikes and e-bikes. However, Ghost also crafts race bikes, hard trail-, and cross-country-bikes. Of course, Ghost also caters to children with their kids´bikes line. This line is called Powerkid and, in the last couple of years, has become popular with children and adults alike. The Powerkiddy bikes, especially, enable an early start into bike life, educate the equilibrium, and keep the parents on the go as well.

Ghost also offers a bike called Wiki. You can use this bike to find out what kind of mountain bike you need for your preferred area of use, which suits your individual demands the best. By using Wiki, you can find out just that by applying according filters. So, let´s go, grab a bike, and conquer the world with two wheels and a saddle under your derriere! Experience new adventures with Ghost!