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A South Tyrolean, who liked to travel barefoot, had the idea to protect his feet by constructing shoes similar to finger gloves: Fivefingers were born. With Vibram the perfect partner was quickly found. Initially perceived only as "funny", a real "eye-catcher", we now also know about the health aspect of the Fivefingers.
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Vibram FiveFingers at Sport Conrad

Sturdy footwear that supports our feet, protects against injuries and stabilizes the joints, has been a pioneer on the market for many years. pioneer on the market. Much better for our body feeling, the balance and our running style, however, are barefoot and toe shoes. The manufacturer vibram FiveFingers has optimized the shoes and develops every year new products
for different areas of use. Discover now the high quality barefoot and toe shoes from vibram FiveFingers online at Sport Conrad!

Back to the  roots

The South Tyrolean Robert Fliri developed shoes that, like finger gloves, enclosed each toe individually. The idea behind this was both simple and ingenious: walking barefoot is proven to be healthier for the development of the feet and one's own walking style, but the feet are not protected from injuries caused by the ground. The solution was shoes that adapt to the anatomical shape of the foot and offer sufficient safety from, for example, stones, slippery surfaces and abrasions thanks to high-quality and lightweight materials.
The South Tyrolean found the perfect partner in the company Vibram, which manufactures unique soles made of rubber. For several years now, vibram FiveFingers have been producing the high-quality toe shoes that promote the original running style. Thanks to the barefoot shoes, you no longer roll with the heel first, as with conventional fixed footwear, but with the ball of the foot.

Not only does this give the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles more freedom in their movements, but the toes are also more actively involved in walking. As a result, the shoes improve the sense of balance and also activate the sense of touch, creating a stronger feeling for the ground when walking. Discover the year-round barefoot feeling for yourself!

Toe shoes  & more – Products by Vibram FiveFingers

Whether for everyday wear, training or hiking, the barefoot shoes from vibram Fivefingers are available for numerous activities. In addition to the toe shoes, the manufacturer has also developed high-quality socks that close around each individual toe and thus optimize the wearing comfort in the shoes. Discover now the different products for the respective sports or everyday life easily online.

Products for your running training

The barefoot shoes for running are very light and have a comfortable feel. Especially when jogging, steps and movements are cushioned and absorbed by conventional running shoes. In addition, the joints are supported. The barefoot shoes for running combine the original naturalness with innovative performance. The light but robust sole protects the feet from injuries and at the same time offers an improved connection to the ground.

Whether on asphalt, in the forest or on uneven terrain, the barefoot shoe for jogging is the ideal partner to bring your running training to a new level. Discover the V-Run models for men and women and experience the new feeling in barefoot shoes.

Barefoot shoes for outdoor-activities & more

In water sports, on a hike or while practicing yoga, barefoot shoes are suitable for any activity. The special models are adapted to the respective requirements.
For example, the V-Aqua has a non-slip sole and is made of quick-drying materials, ideal for sailing, canoeing and more.
The V-Trek and V-Trail barefoot shoes, on the other hand, are the perfect companion for hiking and oudoor training of all kinds. The rugged outsole provides a secure grip with every step, even on uneven and slippery surfaces. The breathable and antibacterial material on the inside
provides a comfortable foot climate.
You will also find the optimal barefoot shoe for your fitness training in our range. The V-Train models have a perfect fit and offer you the ideal support for weight training and cardio. Decide for yourself and find the right shoes for your training.

The perfect shoe for every day

Barefoot shoes can also provide a new sense of freedom in everyday life. Whether in the office, shopping or at home, barefoot shoes in everyday life improve balance and support a natural walking style. The Classic barefoot shoes are suitable for any activity and adapt optimally to the respective foot shape. However, the vibram Furoshiki is also one of the popular shoes in everyday life.

The vibram Furoshiki barefoot shoes are very easy to put on, promise a perfect grip, even during intensive movements and offer a plus in wearing comfort. Convince yourself of the different barefoot shoes for everyday life.

walk barefoot all year long: with vibram FiveFingers

Vibram FiveFingers are among the top brands among the manufacturers of barefoot and toe shoes. The products are high quality, durable and easy to care for, while at the same time offering reliable and optimal support in everyday life, outdoor activities and more. Whether in the water, mountaineering or climbing, the barefoot shoes promise an incomparable feeling between the body and the ground and convince with modern designs in stylish colors. Discover also the barefoot shoes from vibram FiveFingers for men and women in the right, suitable size easily online!