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Rossignol Blackops

BLACKOPS is a ski line for all who live freeride, all those who just go for it, create their own line and want to explore the mountain in all its facets. Every ski in the BLACKOPS line has its own personality, special characteristics that are particularly fit well with the respective style of the skier. We have many different technologies have been developed and adapted to adapted to the respective ski to give it its unique to lend driving characteristics. So get ready for your next adventure! RIDE FREE
The new Blackops collection by Rossignol


Let it rip! Have fun with your friends! Play with the elements and be yourself. RIDE FREE. All-Terrain? That means adventure is waiting for you everywhere: on perfectly groomed slopes, on an untouched slope a few chair lift stations away and even on a tricky mogul slope. Let your imagination run wild, play with the terrain and discover your own way - your line is all yours!


The essence of freeriding - travel, discover, be free, have fun. To get far, you don't have to travel far: the adventure is right in front of your shovels. RIDE FREE. Freetouring is the essence of skiing. This is how it all started. The pioneers invented the modern ski, made their own tracks and explored valleys in a whole new way. Freetouring was there from the very beginning and yet it is always reinventing itself. One endless track, two parallel lines without beginning or end. So you can feel like an explorer every winter.


Take everything as it comes and start over and over again. Question everything you think you know! Be inventive, over and over again. RIDE FREE. In progressive mode, you let your imagination run wild, playing with balance - and imbalance. Your skis let you take the lead in style and speed.


Our vision to conquer the mountain completely, our to expand the playground with a new dimension. The balance between performance and perfect weight to fully enjoy all facets of the mountain.


Exploring the mountains in different ways, on foot and on skis, uphill and downhill, and always with ease, Performance and comfort. Moving freely in the mountains and all dimensions of the terrain.

For freetouring, the new ALLTRACK LT pre-assembled GRIPWALK soles and a completely new Inner shoe. The perfect weight for efficiency and precision in Downhill and easy on the ascent, with a lot of style in Trend colours.


POLYURETHANE: The shell of all shoes in the ALLTRACK series is made of polyurethane, which ensures optimum handling and makes them easy to put on and take off.

GRILAMID: This thermoplastic material is among the lightest on the market and has a very
good resistance. It can be used for modules of high density and thus allows a lower material thickness.

The models Alltrack Elite 130 LT, Alltrack Elite 110 LT Women and Alltrack Pro 120 LT have shells made of Grilamid.

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Sustainability at Rossignol

ECO Conception

The skis in the BLACKOPS range have been developed with close attention to the selection of raw materials and the use of recycled materials to minimise the environmental mpact. All skis in the range are either FSC or PEFC certified. 

FSC - The Paulownia wood cores are FSC certified, which guarantees responsible forest management. 

PEFC - The Poplar wood cores are PEFC certified, which guarantees sustainable forest management.

RESPECT programme at Rossignol

The new RESPECT programme brings together all the commitments and initiatives of Groupe Rossignol in terms of social and environmental responsibility. These include in particular the objectives of reducing the CO2 footprint by 30 percent by 2030 and reducing waste by 40 percent by 2025.

Social and ecological commitment

The development of environmentally friendly products is at the centre of these efforts. This is made possible by using natural materials as well as FSC and PEFC certified wood. These materials are used, for example, in Rossignol's new freeride line, which will be launched in the 2020/2021 season. In future, a large proportion of the products will be designed in line with ecological criteria and manufactured at ISO 14001-certified sites.

Groundbreaking investments will also enable drastic reduction of waste production. The life cycle of leading products has already been thoroughly in order to better assess the innovations required for eco-design.