Product details: PowerBar True Organic OAT Energy Bar

You want to fill up your stores, know exactly what you're eating and not compromise on taste? Then we have something for you: The TRUE ORGANIC OAT Bar with a maximum of 6 plant-based ingredients such as oats, dates and nuts.

All in the best organic quality. It is climate-neutral and, depending on the variety, made with fair-trade cocoa and comes to you in an innovative plastic-free and garden-compostable film.

Try the PowerBar True Organic Oat Bar now in three delicious flavours.


• 100 % Plant-based
• 100 % Organic
• Innovative plastic-free and home-compostable film
• For cocoa flavours: With fair trade cocoa
• Climate neutral
• The contained manganese contributes to a normal energy metabolism 
• Content: 40 g


The Powerbar True Organic OAT bar is available in three different flavours, which can be selected via the size:
1= Chocolate Chunks
2= Banana Hazelnut
3= Almond Coconut


Suggested Usage:
• 1-2 bars per day


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PowerBar True Organic OAT Energy Bar

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Sustainability:100 % veganClimate-NeutralFairtradeCircular