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AustriAlpin Dyna.Mit + Carabiner Sling Rope Black

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Product details: AustriAlpin Dyna.Mit + Carabiner Sling Rope Black

The Dyn.Mit Sling Rope from AustriAlpin is a 170 cm long cord. It's simplifying material handling while in the mountains. 6 mm diameter cord with dyneema-core and polyester sheath combine for optimal performance of a sewn sling (universal functionality) and cord (can be knotted without difficulty).

The color concept simplifies material handling, organizes the belay, makes trading off material easy and clarifies the setup of rescue systems. The adjusted lengths allow you to select what you want as quickly as possible.

The ends of the Dyna.Mit Sling Rope from AustriAlpin are sewn at 5 cm to minimize slipping of the sheath with respect to the smooth dyneema core, and to allow for the correct knot placement.


• Length: 170 cm
• Diameter: 6 mm
• Extrahigh breaking strength of 22 kN (single strand)
• Universal functionality


Fabrics: Polyester


Product attributes:

Weight:46 Gramm/Stk.
Original Colour:Black