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Touring skier with Fritschi touring binding ascends a freshly snow-covered slope.

Fritschi has stood for top-quality backcountry ski / ski touring bindings since 1960, with almost 100 percent of the company’s value creation in Switzerland.

Touring skier with Fritschi touring binding ascends a freshly snow-covered slope.

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More Fritschi Facts

Why is Fritschi a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

Swiss made − sustainably designed and manufactured. The bindings are the result of environmentally friendly processing of high-tech plastics. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Fritschi stands out in the following ways:  

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain

- It prides itself on ecologically friendly, resource-saving production and packaging

- Fritschi’s products are manufactured locally in Switzerland     

Fritschi: Made in the heart of Switzerland

From the lightweight pin binding to the classic “jaw” (bar or frame) binding, all Fritschi bindings have one thing in common: They boast independent technology that meets the most stringent safety, functionality, quality and sustainability standards. Sustainable action is an integral part of the entire Fritschi team’s daily work. A team of 35 employees develops and produces the bindings with dedication and precision in the village of Reichenbach in the Kander Valley. The sparing use of resources starts in the development phase. Materials are selected and designed for a long product life. The individual parts are made of high-tech plastics and high-quality metals processed in an environmentally friendly manner in Switzerland. After assembly, the products are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes, which of course are also Swiss made. Customers can register on the Fritschi website and extend their warranty from 24 months to 36 months.

For more than three decades now, high-quality touring and freeride ski bindings have been established in the Kander Valley. Surprisingly, the company of the brothers Andreas and Christian Fritschi originally entered the market as a studio for apparatus and prototype construction. The company has some special characteristics. On the one hand, it is one of the few companies specialized exclusively in the production of ski bindings. Secondly, the added value is created almost exclusively in Switzerland. This means, from planning to manufacturing, right up to sales, the company fully relies on "Made in Switzerland". Part of the Swiss Engineering are special test methods with which all of the high-tech components and finished bindings are thoroughly checked. Of course, the bindings are TÜV tested and certified. The predominant part of the bindings is determined for the foreign market, as approximately 85 % of the production is exported.

Models like the Fritschi Eagle, Fritschi Scout or the Fritschi Freeride Pro have long been classics in the touring and freeride scene. For many years and prove again and again their special suitability for these complex requirements: Low weight and excellent walking comfort are as much in demand as stability and safety during descent. A balancing act that these models uniquely achieve, giving ski touring enthusiasts and freeriders the feeling of safety and freedom at the same time. In addition to bindings, Fritschi offers an appropriate selection of ski stoppers and crampons (Axion and Traxion), which are characterized by highest comfort and safety as well.


In the past, the alpine mountain world belonged to the mountaineers, even on ski tours; the ascent to the summit itself was the goal. Today, it's just as much about the descent, the desire to draw a few lines in the untouched powder or to master a steep couloir. The demands on power transmission, safety and reliability have risen sharply. In the mountains, safety and reliability have the highest priority. 

Innovative strength for over 60 years

With the legendary Diamir Titanal, Fritschi has integrated the safety, ease of use and power transmission of alpine bindings into a lightweight touring binding. Further results of pioneering spirit and courage are the Vipec Evo and the Tecton. With the exclusive sideways release at the front and the alpine heel clamp of the Tecton, Fritschi integrates the safety and downhill characteristics of alpine bindings in its ascent-oriented pin bindings. Fritschi is also breaking new ground with the new Xenic. The unique technology of horizontally shifting pin levers now also enables safe downhill skiing in the lightweight category. Ski touring in its many facets will continue to develop. Fritschi wants to actively contribute to this. The mission remains to cover the wide range of needs with innovative solutions.