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For many years, Evoc´s founders travelled the entire world. Their quest: the search for the perfect trail or the best powder.
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What Evoc´s founders found relatively quickly, were awesome spots in the world´s most remote places. What they couldn´t find that quickly, though, was the fitting equipment. This issue caught the attention of Holger Feist and Bernd Stucke and motivated them to develop their very own equipment with a special focus on their individual demands. They went on to craft elaborate gear with a lot of attention given to details and useful features – and, on top, they also made it look good. Since its founding in 2008, the Bavarian label has seen and done a lot. Yet, everything has pretty much stayed the same: there is a huge focus on quality, functionality, robustness, unique designs, high comfort, and reliable safety. In the beginning, they only produced for their own needs. However, they received so many requests from acquaintances that the brand Evoc slowly, but truly, started to develop. The overall idea was simply too good.

The company´s story started with an accident of co-founder Holger Feist that he suffered in a video shoot. During this shoot, Feist hurt his back by the stiff avalanche shovel, which was in his backpack. This made him retire from the freeride circus. But, due to this incident, he developed the idea to craft a backpack with integrated back-protector and, in doing so, made the first step toward the creation of Evoc.

The story continued with a bike trip to the Mount Everest basecamp, where Feist realized that such a backpack with an integrated back-protector might also come in handy when riding a mountain bike. After all, there is also a lot to carry in this sport and the back needs a little cushion and protection in order to be ok. Of course, the same goes for you.

What was crucial for the founding of Evoc, however, was a visit to Bolivia, where the founders travelled with their bikes in the luggage. Once they arrived in Bolivia, however, they learnt that their bikes were shattered into a thousand pieces. This gave birth to the idea of crafting practical bike travel bags in order to solve this problem elegantly. Of course, the two pondered the functionality and area of use for a moment, but then, immediately proceeded to produce the very first bike travel bags.

It was exactly those travel bags which succeeded in the infamous flying ball bike shop in Hong Kong. This happened because Evoc´s later-to-be co-founder, Bernd Stucke, had introduced his bike to the store´s owner. The owner was so excited about the bike that he immediately ordered 50 pieces. This came to be the cornerstone for Evoc.


Since the company´s inception, many new products and ideas have emerged, further broadening the product range. Additionally, there is a group of international athletes who represent the ten-year-old brand, dubbed Evoc Team. Among these are Thomas Genon, a Belgian mountain biker, Wille Lindberg, a Swedish freerider, Hannah Barnes, a gifted mountain bike talent, and many more.

They all, no matter their nationality or sportive activity, share a fascination for their sport and the passion to exercise it with Evoc´s best products.

The close cooperation with these athletes helps Evoc to continuously renew and improve its products, or to implement and test new ideas. Among these products are bike bags, bike backpacks, and touring backpacks. Even after ten years, quality, functionality, and safety are at the top of the food chain within Evoc´s philosophy.


The tradition continues and the Evoc Team travels the world in order to try some new stuff, test products, and celebrate outdoor sports. You can read all kinds of elaborate reports of these exciting adventures on Evoc´s official website. In order to keep developing the brand, the team is willing to do anything.

No matter if this means to search challenging downhills in Ecuador, experience adventures at Cape Epic in South Africa, or conduct a photoshoot in the midst of Saigon´s chaotic traffic. The result is the continuous improvement of the products´ quality. Whoever buys Evoc´s products can rest assured, that they were wholeheartedly tested.

Thanks to Evoc, you don´t have to do without great sports gear and mountain bike accessories on your adventurous trips to the other end of the world. It doesn´t matter where you want to go, nothing can stop you with Evoc´s equipment.