ABS is the trailblazer in terms of avalanche airbags. Touring skiers, freeriders, snowboarders, and snow shoe hikers have profited ever since from a significant increase of safety during powder tours.  


More about ABS

ABS Airbag becomes the epitome for additional avalanche safety

For the very first time, the fully functional airbag was presented under the name ABS (Avalanche Balloon Secutem) at the ISPO in Munich in 1985. The principle, with which the airbag was operated, was just as simple as it was brilliant: expansion of the volume.

It was discovered by a forest superintendent while he was hunting. In the case of an avalanche, more volume gives you a higher probability of not getting buried. Physically speaking, the airbag´s principle rests on inverse segregation. This can be easily visualized by a pack of cereals you shake. The result of which is that larger components accumulate on the surface.

After a rather hesitant start, the ABS airbag really started to embark on a victory road and initial reservations started to vanish more and more. The airbag was introduced to a broader audience in 1991, when it was presented to a group of specialized journalists.

From this moment on, the ABS airbag has become more and more an integral part of the consciousness of winter athletes. Nowadays, an avalanche airbag has almost become part of the standard equipment, alongside other items such as a tracker beacon, an avalanche shovel, and an avalanche probe.


The consequent enhancements in the following years made the airbag accessible to a larger number of people and adapted the airbag to the customers´ risen needs:

• System adjustment toward a double airbag
• A pyrotechnical-pneumatic release replaced the Bowden cable
• Backpack specialist Deuter joins the development
• A model for the up-and-coming freeride scene enters the market
• The zip-on principle guarantees optimal flexibility for different demands
• Significantly less weight due to much more lightweight carbon cartridges
• With the s.LIGHT, ABS developed the very first lightweight Twinbag 


30 years of innovation and progress

In 2015, ABS celebrated its 30th anniversary. In the following year, a further ABS innovation entered the market: the P.RIDE system. It embodies the next level developmental step in the realm of airbags. New features and innovations, such as partner-release and automatic control of the system, are supposed to secure ABS´s leading position in the avalanche airbag area.