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With the bike roller, GPS bike computer, bike sensors and heart rate monitors from Wahoo Fitness, competitive athletes and recreational athletes can always keep an eye on their fitness and increase it. 
Wahoo Fitness
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More about Wahoo Fitness


Wahoo Fitness smart products can be found in many living rooms and on many of our streets. The Atlanta based fitness technology brand produces smart bike rollers, GPS bike computers, sport watches, heartrate sensors and sensors to optimise your fitness profile. Always with the focus on finding innovative solutions to improve the cycling world. Find out how you can keep an eye on your performance curve with the Wahoo product range and which technologies the company brings to the market for women and men, who enjoy exercising. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, on a mountain bike, gravelbikee-bike or by foot.

Wahoo Fitness history

Chip Hawkins founded the company Wahoo Fitness in 2009. It all started with the desire to increase his own fitness. But Chip was not satisfied with the solutions offered on the market at that time. The bike rollers were too clunky, lacked a realistic feel and, above all, were not smart enough. He wanted more agile exercise equipment to make exercise data measurable. In 2012, the company introduced Blue HR and SC-sensors. And with them the first heart rate, speed and cadence sensors that are connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth.

A year later, the first bike roller was created, called Kickr Smart Trainer. This enables a challenging indoor workout and mimics the experience in the great outdoors as best as possible. In 2016, the company develops the Elemnt GPS bike computer. The powerful solution features the innovative user interface of your mobile phone to configure the device via Elemnt Companion App. Another two years later, indoor and outdoor training data can already be tracked and shared. The training accessories, Kickr Climb and Kickr Headwind, are part of the Kickr Smart Trainer and ensure that the elements and movements from outdoor cycling are transferred indoors in a realistic and connected way.

The peak in the development of smart exercise bike rollers came in 2009. Wahoo is launching the Kickr Bike, a fully customisable roller trainer that replicates the entire bike setup. The innovative exercise bike uses your smartphone's user interface to mimic the most realistic outdoor experience possible. The Kickr Bike also has an incline simulator. In the same year, Wahoo Fitness goes one step further and develops the in-house training platform Sufferfest.

Wahoo Fitness products

Wahoo Bike Computer

The Elemnt bike computers by Wahoo Fitness are made for men and women who want to concentrate fully on the road or the trail, no matter whether training, contest or after-work ride. The bike computer is paired with your smartphone.

Thanks to the innovative user interface of the Elemnt devices, the GPS bike computers are easy to use and quick to set up. In addition, the bike computer has a clear and colourful display. With the bike computer from Wahoo, you always have a clear overview of all your riding data.

Wahoo Sports Watches

You want to track your performance? No matter whether it's training, contest or recreational sport. With the sports watches from Wahoo Fitness, you can concentrate fully on running, cycling or trail running. The GPS smartwatches have a high-quality finish, are robust, user-friendly and also look good in everyday use. The colour display is simple and can be individually adjusted.

The sports watches from Wahoo Fitness can do a lot: For example, the Elemnt Rival has an optical heart rate monitor, counts your steps, determines calorie consumption and records distance, speed, training time and much more. You can also connect the smartwatch from Wahoo with platforms such as Strava, Google Fit, Apple Health, Relive and your smart bike rollers. So that you don't lose your motivation to exercise, you have the option of using various workout options. And of course, the smart watch can also play music: Control your favourite songs on your IOS device via the watch when it is paired but out of range. There is also the option to be informed about incoming calls, Whats App messages, emails etc. on your iOS or Android device via pop-up notifications on the display.

By the way, the battery is easily charged via USB. The colour of the watch band can be changed at any time and can be purchased as needed. Another special gimmick of the Wahoo smartwatch is the "Find my device" function. Thanks to this, you can use your smartphone to find your watch again when your fitness watch is connected to the Elemnt Companion App via Bluetooth. By the way, it also works the other way round without any problems.


You want to cycle all year round - regardless of the season and weather conditions? With the Kickr Smart roller trainers, you can experience the ultimate indoor cycling experience in winter and summer alike, and in three versions: Wahoo Kickr, Kickr Core and Kickr Snap.

The indoor bike trainers are responsive, powerful and offer a great training experience. The movable supports, Kickr Axis, have a performance accuracy of +/-1% to +/-3%. They provide you with accurate data on speed, distance, power and, in some cases, cadence. With Wahoo's home trainer, you can cycle relaxed or pedal at full throttle and keep a constant eye on your power curve. Performance and accuracy combined with advanced algorithms recreate a first-class outdoor riding experience. Wahoo's roller trainers connect to your smartphone, PC or tablet. The heavy flywheels of the bikes roller are made of robust steel and offer durability, as well as a wide stance for stability.


Wahoo Fitness heartrate monitors are the perfect complement to your bike roller and cycling computer. They can be worn as a wristwatch or chest strap and allow you to record your exact heart rate and keep an eye on your training data. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose between a chest strap or wristband monitor: Wahoo Tickr, Tickrx and Tickrfit feel comfortable and are suitable for both men and women.

Tickr: Chest strap monitor

It is light, slim and feels comfortable. Wahoo's Tickr chest strap, in conjunction with the Wahoo Fitness app, measures key metrics during your workout, including heart rate, calories burned and workout duration. Of course, this also works with over 50 third-party cycling and running apps, such as Radport, MapMyRun and Zwift. The Tickr is equipped with Bluetooth and ANT+ technology.

Tickr X: Chest strap monitor

The Tickr X was developed by Wahoo to get the most out of your training. The chest strap measures your heart rate, calories burned, running analysis data and indoor cadence. Whether you're running with your GPS watch or hitting the trail with your Wahoo bike computer, the Tickr X connects via Bluetooth and ANT+ technology. For optimal handling, the strap can be opened on the front. In addition, thanks to the LED lights on the top, you can always keep an eye on your heart rate.

Tickr Fit: Optical wristband monitor

The Tickr Fit wristband provides you with important training data in real time, such as heart rate, calories burned and training duration. The smart part is worn on the forearm. Like the Wahoo Tickr and Tickr X chest straps, the Tickr Fit wristband can be conveniently connected to your fitness app, GPS bike computer and smartphone via Bluetooth and ANT+ technology. Even during sweaty running, cycling or fitness sessions, the Tickr Fit wristband feels comfortable because the optical wristband monitor has waterproof technology. In addition, the strap can be perfectly adjusted to the arm circumference of women and men.

Wahoo's wristbands, sensors and chest straps all have the same goals: To offer you a convenient, comfortable and smart solution to measure and optimise your success. The power of the Tickr and Tickr X devices is also evident in their connectivity: Both heartrate monitors support unlimited ANT+ connections and up to three simultaneous Bluetooth connections.


Train smarter with Wahoo fitness apps. The products of the indoor cycling and endurance training provider are compatible with more than 110 different training apps. The brand itself has running, cycling and fitness apps that you can easily download to your smartphone and sync with bike roller, bike computers, heartrate monitors and bike sensors. This not only works with Wahoo´s own apps, but also with partner apps and apps from other providers. Most of these apps are available for IOS and Android devices in the App Store. You can find a list of apps on the Wahoo Fitness website.


With the solutions of the indoor cycling and endurance training provider Wahoo, you can train for the next competition, keep fit over the winter or increase your fitness. The brand focuses on simplicity and performance. Bikes rollers, GPS bike computers, heartrate monitors and sports watches for even more fun training. The company coordinates all devices and accessories perfectly with each other and thus ensures high-performance connectivity. With Wahoo Fitness products, you can experience the ultimate training experience both indoors and outdoors.