Astonishingly, Smith´s very first goggle was developed by an orthodontist. In 1965, Dr. Bob Smith from Sun Valley, Idaho, created the first protective goggle made of foam, featuring sealed thermo-glass and breathable venting.
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As a matter of fact, the skiing enthusiast was just not willing to do without his favorite spare time activity in bad weather. In the meantime, Smith has become a member of the Italian Safilo Group and its headquarters are located in Ketchum, Idaho. From there, Smith sells its products to more than 50 countries. Smith´s European center is located in Florence, Italy, while you will find the center of Smith´s surfing and motorsport department in San Clemente, California. After the success of Smith´s first goggle, the company began to continuously expand into new directions. Today, Smith produces, among other items, ski helmets, motorcycle glasses, sunglasses and goggles.

Ever since its inception in 1965, Smith was able to bring a lot of attention to themselves by much technological progress. For example, Smith revolutionized the outdoor feeling with the introduction of the first changeable glass system for sunglasses and goggles. Due to the development of two new ventilation systems for the seamless integration of goggle and helmet, Smith brought the anti-fog goggle technology to a new level. In general, Smith´s products feature ultra-modern and nifty technologies. The result is an attractive package consisting of high quality and perfect protection.

A decisive feature in goggles is the lens technology. Smith´s lens technology ensures a distortion-free view and optimal fit. The Idaho company tries to produce all goggles from sustainable and renewable materials. What Smith is especially careful about: goggles and helmets are supposed to fit perfectly, so, no unwanted air can disturb you and you can enjoy your day on the mountain with a great fit. In order to achieve this, a specially developed ventilation system makes for sufficient air circulation in order to prevent an accumulation of warm air in the goggle. This prevents fogged-up lenses in advance.


Nowadays, Smith is considered a US lifestyle brand. This is the result of a nearly perfect combination of design and functionality that you will hardly find in any other manufacturer. Smith is considered as the standard bearer of high end eyewear. Groundbreaking innovations, like the anti-fog coating and a patented ventilation system, demonstrate this status. No wonder that top athletes all over the world trust Smith in such diverse areas like bike- and outdoor-sports, motorsport, surfing, biking, skiing, and snowboarding.

In the past few years, Smith wowed its fan base with ChromaPop, a polarized glass technology at the highest scientific-progressive level. Also, Smith introduced Aerocore technology, the core of which is an innovative concept of the ventilation and protection for bike and ski helmets. The result is a significantly increased impact resistance without having to be annoyed about fogged-up glasses. For this purpose, high end contemporary materials are used, like EPS and Koroyd. The latter of which is a revolutionary, new material which greatly contributes to an increase in air circulation and, in the case of an impact, guarantees much more safety than usually mandated.

After 50 years of innovations and designing experience, Smith is ranking amongst the market leaders in the scope of ultra-modern goggles and helmets. Yet, Smith wouldn´t be themselves if they didn´t adopt the philosophy of taking the heritage of the last 50 years and use it for the innovations of the next 50 years. You can bet your bottom dollar that Smith will continue to introduce great products into the market, for adrenaline freaks and explorers in the snow, on the bike or the surfboard. Smith will continue to help them reach their maximum performance by supplying them with the most nifty and modern technology on the market.