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It all started with trousers: in 1958, Martin Hornegger Sr. in Annaberg opened a sports pants tailoring shop. In addition to a strong focus on quality, the brand is also characterized by a sustainable approach.

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Why is Martini a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

The thought-out selection of materials, the focus on durable, universally applicable products and production that is mostly carried out in the EU: The Austrian sportswear specialist Martini shows how responsible business can be done. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Martini is characterized above all by the following points:

- The company is committed to responsibility throughout the supply chain and follows responsible purchasing practices

- The company pursues an environmentally friendly, resource-saving production in the EU

- Products can be adjusted or repaired in the company's own tailoring shop  

Family business with environmental awareness

Martini is based in Salzburg's Annaberg and is being run as an innovative sports fashion label in the second generation. The makers describe themselves as “I-Tüpferl-Reiter” (colloquial, Austrian word for stickler), i.e., headstrong and stubborn in a positive sense. It is the penchant for perfection and the firm belief in one's own ideals and ideas that drives Martini. This also means that the brand faces the challenges of our time and operates sustainably and responsibly.

The use of renewable raw materials, state-of-the-art production logistics, smart circular economy, waste, and pollutant minimization is just as much part of Martini's DNA as manufacturing in the EU – 95 percent of Martini products are made there. In addition to protecting nature, the focus is also on humanity: Martini checks factory standards and thus ensures that occupational safety and health protection are observed, fair wages are paid and the rights of employees are respected. In addition, Martini is involved in local projects for nature, environmental and landscape protection.

From tailoring to an international sportswear brand

Started as a tailoring shop for sports trousers in 1958, Martini has developed over the years into an international sports fashion brand. The outfitting of the Austrian national ski jumping team, which competed in the legendary ski jumping in Bischofshofen with suits made by Martini founder Martin Hornegger, was decisive for the successful development of the company and the event that gave the brand its name. The audience celebrated the success of the Austrian ski jumpers with shouts of “Martini!” — the brand was born.

Martini's outdoor clothing impresses with its functionality, casual, characteristic design and high quality of materials and workmanship. In use, the products prove that they are designed by people who understand mountain sports. Whether ski touring, freeriding, cross-country skiing, mountain hiking, climbing, trail running and biking – Martini products are designed for multifunctional use.

The brand pays attention to a selected mix of materials that are known for their excellent properties. The technologies of PrimaLoft®, Polartec®, and Pertex® convince with flexibility, reliability and durability. Martini Sportswear not only scores with the modern Martini style, but is also durable, easy-care, flexible and multifunctional, weatherproof, breathable and supports you in all your sporting activities.