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Icebug creates footwear that keeps the world from slipping and falling – while raising the bar on sustainability and making it easier and safer to go outside.

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Why is Icebug a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

The Swedish company seeks to spur a change in footwear production – and is putting an enormous amount of work into the sustainability of the shoes it develops. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Icebug stands out in the following ways:

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain
- It prides itself on ecologically friendly, resource-saving production
- Icebug promotes fair working conditions and has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2021

Climate positive since 2019

Icebug’s mission? To be a pioneer in changing the industry and business in general, to become completely sustainable. A big task for a small, independent Swedish brand in a dirty business. Icebug is working to achieve a maximum of effect by focusing on minimizing the negative impact of the production of its products. At the same time, the Swedes are making sure that people really need the items they produce and that they will enjoy them for a long time. Whatever is left of the company’s carbon footprint after these measures is offset by surplus: "We continually work to lessen our negative footprint. This affects everything from which materials we use in a shoe to which coffee we drink at the office. But we still emit C02... and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future... We have chosen to offset our C02 through the UN initiative Climate Neutral NOW. From there we choose CDM projects, which have the Gold Standard rating as well."

The Swedish outdoor- and running-shoe manufacturer Icebug offers shoes with excellent traction that keep you from slipping 365 days a year. We will show you where Icebug started, what the company’s goals are, what the manufacturer is doing in terms of sustainability, and what you can expect from Icebug shoes

The beginning of a Swedish success story

The story of Icebug begins with a very special duo from Sweden: Eliza Törnkvist and David Ekelund are mother and son who are driven by a common mission: To encourage people to get out into nature more often and be more active. Because that makes people happier and healthier.
This requires shoes that don’t mind cold, wet and slippery conditions. In 2001, the two founded Icebug, an independent and successful company to this day, with the goal of developing shoes in which people of all ages feel comfortable and absolutely safe outdoors. Shoes with excellent grip, in which you do not slip and which bring the joy of movement.
On this basis they have begun to produce tractions-shoes that provide a secure grip with the help of dynamic steel spikes – on pure ice as well as on asphalt. And once you are wearing these grippy outdoor-shoes you’ll be hooked in no time.


In 2016 Icebug moves from Gothenburg to Jonsered. Surrounded by vast forests and lakes, the growing company can create new, creative ideas. The headquarters in Sweden are now joined by offices in Germany and the U.S., while the four main assembly plants are located in Vietnam, Cambodia and China. According to the manufacturer, all factories are high-level factories that provide employees with high levels of work quality, safety, cleaning systems, as well as recreational opportunities.
In addition to the shoes with spikes, Icebug quickly developed other traction technologies that provide the best grip on wet, muddy and rocky surfaces. With Icebug’s hiking boots, running shoes and winter boots from Icebug men and women can now move safely in the nature in any weather and any season.


Inspiring people to live a more active outdoor life is an important point in the Swedish company’s philosophy. That’s why Icebug not only produces excellent shoes, but also organizes various outdoor-events. At worldwide trail running events for women, the Frozen Lake Marathon in Norway or the three-day West-Coast-Trail-Run in Sweden, Icebug brings people together and invites them to experience nature together.


The issue of sustainability has played an important role at Icebug for years. The company wants to take responsibility in the climate crisis and to inspire other manufacturers in the industry to follow their example.
Therefore, the manufacturer sets an ambitious goal in the fall of 2018: by 2020, Icebug should be completely climate-positive. The company therefore committed to the UN Initiative’s Climate Neutral NOW project, which is based on three steps:

1. Measuring the company’s total CO2 emissions
2. Reducing CO2 emissions as far as possible
3. Compensate the emissions that cannot be prevented via financial compensation projects
Success was not long in coming. As early as 2019, Icebug became the world’s first climate-positive outdoor footwear brand and has compensate more emissions than it produces, since.


At the same time, Icebug works consistently to use materials for its shoes that minimize the impact on nature and are particularly durable. Only in this way shoes can be worn as long as possible - the most sustainable way of consumption. The Swedish company therefore relies on:

Recycled polyester
Certified Leather from the Leather Working Group
Recycled and mulesing-free wool
• The “Solution Dye” dyeing method, which uses less water, chemicals and energy
• The reduction of production waste
Bloom Foam algae foam made from water polluting blue-green algae
• The sourcing of Bluesign®-recognized textile materials

Icebug Technologies


With its hiking boots, running shoes and winter boots, Icebug gives you the right equipment to have fun in the nature, even in the slipperiest conditions. With or without spikes, the five different traction technologies, that the manufacturer offers today, adhere superbly to a wide variety of surfaces:


These dynamic spike tips are made of high-carbon steel and provide grip on slippery surfaces. The main component of these soles is rubber, which can lose certain spikes early. Therefore, soles with BUGrip are equipped with a spike excess.


With the separate BUGweb Spikes you decide when it’s time for more traction and grip . BUGweb features six high-carbon steel spikes that you can easily attach to the sole of your shoe in slick and icy conditions


This grippy rubber sets the bar especially high. Completely without spikes the RB9X offers the best grip on wet and dry surfaces. The ideal choice for rocky trails, challenging terrain and swim-run competitions.


The fixed OLX spikes have tips of especially hardened metal. They are considered almost non-wearing, are always extended and grip any surface. The fixed spikes allow the sole of the shoe to be thinner, saving weight and improving ground control. At Icebug, OLX-traction technology is only used in the off-trail category.

Michelin Winter Compound

Ice, slippery conditions and wet ground are no challenge for Michelin Winter Compound. The anti-slip material provides reliable traction and high abrasion resistance. The sole, which does not require any spikes, was developed together with Michelin Technical Soles. So, you can move safely even in winter.


Whether you’re a recreational runner or an experienced one, whether you like to log miles or prefer a leisurely run, whether you are more into trailrunning or light gravel roads, Icebug has the right shoes for your daily running adventure.
Depending on the model and requirements, Icebug running shoes offer you comfort, stability, optimal cushioning and ultimate grip on ice and snow as well as on wet, muddy, rocky and dry surfaces. Plus, you’ll find waterproof GTX running shoes, that allow you to perform strong even in wet conditions.
Discover the Icebug running shoes now.


For adventurers and those who want to be, Icebug offers a great range of hiking and winter boots, that will keep you from slipping in wet conditions, ice and snow and reliably protect you from the cold. Depending on the model, Icebug outdoor shoes provide the best comfort, optimal cushioning and stability when hiking, walking, traveling or strolling through the city. In addition, there are odour-inhibiting and thermoregulating properties when wool is involved. If a Gore-Tex membrane is used, your feet are always pleasantly dry.
Look around and make an Icebug shoe with excellent traction your new favourite shoe.
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