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Andy Tanner is the founder of this established brand in the fashion and sports world under Beach Company AG. Together with his wife Nicole, he founded the Swiss lifestyle and outdoor label Alprausch in the year 2000. 

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More about Alprausch

They define the contents of their collections essentially through materials, prints and extravagant lettering. The beginning of Alprausch was all about high-quality, newly converted knitwear. Today, both children are also in the company and shape its future significantly.

Daughter Robin takes care of the social media topics and the son, Timothy, is responsible for the representative business as a sales manager and he is also busy as an in-house model. The creative center of Alprausch is located in Zürich. The rooms there are described as a colorful and fun world of experience. They say themselves that the most normal thing in their agency is probably the collection. Especially humor is an important key for success.

Alprausch: sport, nature and an interpretation of Swiss culture and tradition

Family culture and various ethical values such as fair working conditions are also reflected in the production. The main production is made with a Portuguese family business and handicrafts as well as accessories are made in a Balinese family business. The leather collection is made in Turkey. Basically, it is one big "production family".

Elements from the mountains, often translated in retro style, play a very important role. Motives such as ibex, groundhogs and mountain peaks are always part of the graphic elaborations. Especially the naming of the individual clothes is very humorous.

Alprausch: Products for outdoor sports

Alprausch now has four flagship stores. The personal contact to the customer and the convincing contents of the collection are their basic for a successful continuation of the high-quality specialized brand. Quality has a future.

Special attention is paid to the accessories. In every new season, there are lots of gorgeous clothing, bags, belts, hats and many other trinkets. The focus of their fashion collections are women, men and children, but winter sports and also benefit from Alprausch's outdoor apparel. An individual and functional ski- and snowboard line a great success each year.

After all, Andy Tanner comes from the skate and snowboard scene, where he has been very successful for a very long time and played a key role in shaping the sport. High quality, minimalist design, lifestyle and deep roots in the Swiss origins are the mainstays of Alprausch.