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2964 Garmisch

2964 Garmisch

"Home is not an address. It is a feeling, a way of life. The interplay of down-to-earthness in the valley and cosmopolitanism at the summit describes the feeling that the brand 2964 Garmisch wants to convey. Fashion you can wear wherever you are. 2964 Garmisch is part of the traditional house Grasegger from Garmisch-Partenkirchen and has set itself the goal of interpreting traditional costume fashion in a modern, sporty and contemporary way.

2964 Garmisch
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More about 2964 Garmisch

Why is 2964 Garmisch a Wir denken Um brand?

Origin & Manufacture

2964 Garmisch comes from the traditional house of Grasegger in Farchant near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. For more than 20 years, authentic fashion has been created here in close cooperation with weavers and fabric manufacturers. Bavarian and Austrian fabrics are used to create traditional costumes and everyday alpine fashion.

Wool at the heart of the collection

The advantages of wool are no longer a secret. It is not only warming and temperature regulating, but also functional and extremely comfortable to wear. Properly processed, wool defies wind and weather.
The wool used in 2964 Garmisch comes from the so-called Dreifrisurenschaf, better known as Werdenfelser Bergschaf. Strict attention is paid to the origin of the wool: The yarn for the knitwear is spun in the Inn Valley, the fabrics are made in Bavaria, Tyrol and Styria. This ensures local production or production within the EU with short transport routes.

What else does 2964 Garmisch take care of?

2964 Garmisch
• is also committed to responsibility throughout the supply chain
• understands the environmental impact of its business activities and systematically analyzes and prioritizes risks
• pursues environmentally friendly, resource-saving production
• is mindful of and strives to reduce the use of packaging materials

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