Voile Manufacturing HD Mountaineer 3-Pin 75 mm Langlaufbindung

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Produktdetails: Voile Manufacturing HD Mountaineer 3-Pin 75 mm Langlaufbindung

The Voilé HD Mountaineer 3-Pin Telemark Binding. Despite the ridiculously-long name, it’s as simple as a telemark binding can get: A 75mm Nordic Norm toe piece that mounts directly to the the ski and a barebones heel pad.

But wimpy, it ain’t. The toe box is constructed of 5052-H32 aluminum and machined almost identically as our 3-Pin Cable bindings. The three-level toe bail meets exactly the same specs as our other 3-Pin offerings and promises to take a licking and keep on clicking.

Obviously, its a binding that is more suited to covering distance than making turns. And it thrives when its snuggled up against the duckbill of a leather boot.

But hey, Mike Hattrup loves it. How ‘bout that?


• Simple
• Lightweight
• Idead for Rolling Terrain


Weight: 440 g/pair
Flex/Performance: Neutral


Marke:Voile Manufacturing
Langlaufnorm:75 mm