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FrictionLabs Unicorn Dust 5.0 - Fine Chalk

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Produktdetails: FrictionLabs Unicorn Dust 5.0 - Fine Chalk

The new standard in chalk.

You crave the moment where your grip does more than you thought it could. That split second is nirvana. At FrictionLabs, they help you find that feeling. FrictionLabs use science to engineer the best and healthiest chalk there is.

What’s different about FrictionLabs chalk?
• Better Performance: The highest purity chalk keeps your hands drier, longer. Chalk up less. Get better grip.
• Safer: Breathe easy knowing our chalk has no harmful drying agents or impurities. Save your lungs.
• Healthier Skin: Clean chalk protects your skin from overdrying and cracking. Go harder. Go longer. Go more.

How do I know how much I need?
This mostly depends on your climbing frequency and the conditions where you climb. On average, a 1-2 x per week climber can probably get by with 2.5oz in a month. 3-4 x per week needs 5oz. and 5-7 x per week needs 7.5oz. But be prepared - as soon as your deadbeat, greedy friends try it, their hands are going to be in your chalk bag constantly, so you might need more than you think!

Why does it cost more?
FrictionLabs refuse to use the same old chalk from the same old factories. FrictionLabs responsibility import the highest quality raw materials from around the world and treat them at their facilities in Denver, Colorado using a proprietary process. The chalk is proudly made in the USA and you’ll feel the difference as soon as you get it on your hands.

Inhalt: 141.7g = 5oz