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DPS Rolling Quiver  Skisack

DPS Rolling Quiver Skisack

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DPS Rolling Quiver Skisack

Your ski bag is your most important piece of luggage. It needs to withstand hard abuse: dragged through gritty subway stops, over rutted cobble stone streets, across dirt roads, strapped atop truck roofs, tossed on tarmacs, sat on, stepped on, you name it—in all types of conditions.

DPS Rolling Quiver is solid ski bag is easy to pack and pull, and has plenty of room to cram a full quiver inside, with ample space for more gear and all the little extras. The DPS Rolling Quiver Bag is cavernous; it can comfortably carry three pairs of skis, with clothing and other items packed in.

With heavy-duty urethane wheels, extra rubber reinforcements and puncture shields in the common areas of abuse, heavy-duty weather resistant polyester materials, padded ski chamber protection, dual-end carry handles, and exterior pockets, this spacious bag has you covered on pow-missions from AK to Japan, from doorstep to destination—and back.

Länge: 197cm
Breite: 37cm
Höhe: 20cm


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