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Douchebags The Douchbag Skisack Deep Sea Blue

Artikelnummer: 77700214

Produktdetails: Douchebags The Douchbag Skisack Deep Sea Blue

The most thought-through ski and snowboard bag on the market. Combining lightweight design, length-adjustability and smart solutions, Douchbag "The Douchebag" has redefined traveling with ski or snowboard gear.


The Douchebag fits either:
• One pair of skis, poles, boots, helmet and apparel, or
• Two pairs of skis and apparel, or
• One snowboard, boots, helmet and apparel, or
• Two snowboards, boots and apparel

Weight: 3.8 kg / 8.4 lbs
Width: 38 cm / 15 in
Height: 18.5 cm / 7.3 in
Maximum length: 205cm / 82.7 in
Maximum volume: 150 liters
Minimum storage size: 15 liters

Outer Shell: Polyester 900D / TPE 500D
(Pure hite: TPE500D all over)
Lining: Polyester 600D/1680D

ABS protection ribs
PP Protection Spine



Rib cage construction

Inspired by how the human rib cage protects the body’s most valuable organs, the patented Rib Cage construction in The Douchebag protects the gear inside. The Rib Cage construction is composed of strong and lightweight ABS ribs, shaped in a three-stage foldable structure. This feature has allowed traditional padding to be removed – leaving the bag lightweight yet fully protective.



Thanks to its unique construction, The Douchebag is fully foldable. While not in use, the bag easily rolls up into a handy-sized portable unit. This feature makes The Douchebag the most storage-efficient ski and snowboard bag on the market.


Hook-Up System

One of our applauded innovations is the patented hook-up system, lifting weight off human shoulders by placing it over the wheels instead. Quick attachment G-buckles enables the Douchebag to easily connect to our backpacks.


Smart details

Mesh pockets along the insides of the bag ensure that any small objects stay in place.


Length adjustment system

The patented Length Adjustment System customizes the length of The Douchebag to the length of your skis or snowboard, up to 200cm. A perfect fit ensures the bag remains rigid for safe and comfortable transportation.


Original Farbbezeichnung:Deep Sea Blue