Tecnica Mach 1


Greater stability combined with more comfort and less weight: Tecnica develops a new technology for the Mach1 MV models with medium volume. Precision and better control on the edges are the result of the evolution. The piste is freshly prepared, the skis waxed and the edges polished. 

Ready for the first departure. Whether short, medium or long radii, optimal power transmission and fast edge change are of particular importance for all skiers. Decisive for this is the connection between foot and ski - the ski boot. Tecnica has incorporated a new technology into its high-end piste ski boot: all Mach1 MV models with medium volume are now equipped with T-Drive technology. This technology is a game changer for piste skiers. Compared to the previous model, it combines even more stability and control with maximum comfort.

High performance for the feet - MACH1 MV 130 TD

The Tecnica Mach1 MV 130 TD ski boot stands for highest performance on the slopes. Especially sporty skiers will find the optimal combination of power transmission, precision and comfort in this boot.

The new T-Drive technology, a dynamic carbon plate on the back, connects the shaft with the lower part of the shell and thus extends the leverage effect. This allows the ski to be placed from one edge to the other even faster, more precisely and efficiently. The reinforced The combination of shell and shaft increases the stability of the ski boot and enables Tecnica to adjust the hardness of the material a little bit, without compromising performance or power transmission.

The result: flex and fit remain constant, independent of temperature. The shoe also fits more comfortably and is easier to put on and take off. The Mid Volume model for a normal foot width has a last of 100 mm. With the C.A.S. System from Tecnica the shell and inner shoe completely adapt to each other. For a 360 degree adjustment is additionally a tongue made of C.A.S. material is available.