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Product details: Völkl Deacon 72 + RMot3 12 GW 22/23 Skis with bindings

You could say: the term all-mountain was invented for the Deacons. Whether long, medium or crisp short turns, cruising pace or at the limit, rutted or groomed piste, every ambitious carving lover will find their happiness here. With a 72 mm centre width, the Völkl Deacon is recommended for all those who carve lively through all radii and like to let it rip. 

The Deacon 72, redesigned from the ground up and in bright colours for this winter, can no longer be overlooked on the piste. Thanks to the new geometry with wider shovel and shortened tip & tail rocker, the powerhouse shines in all curve radii and can be edged even faster thanks to the two-millimetre narrower centre width of the ski.

Whether long, medium or short turns, every sporty, ambitious skier will find his or her happiness here. This variability is made possible above all by the use of the Tailored Carbon Tips. The carbon fibres applied by means of the Tailored Fibre Placement (TFP for short), used exclusively by Völkl, allow optimum influence on the curve behaviour. The thickness and alignment of the fibres define the necessary power input and energy build-up exactly where it is needed.

The agile blade retraction is particularly positive here. This means that directly at turn initiation the ski begins to guide in a controlled manner, depending on the use of the edges. In addition, this construction allows a lower weight without any loss of stability. Last but not least, TFP allows our designers to tailor all lengths specifically to the requirements of the target groups.

The entire Deacon range is made with 3D.Glass in the front and rear areas, and the proven multilayer woodcore with a poplar/beech mix is installed in the interior. Two full-surface layers of Titanal ensure the usual effervescence. The riding characteristics of the Deacon 72 are also boosted by the new R-Motion 3 GW binding.

The shortened plate in combination with the wider hole pattern delivers a more direct, powerful power transmission and allows faster edge changes. The highlight, however, is the two rear screws that are no longer fixed, allowing the binding to glide freely.

With improved edge grip, the ski moves harmoniously through the entire bending line without being blocked. Overall, the Völkl Deacon 72 is noticeably easier to turn. 



• Tailored Carbon Tips
• 3D.Glass
• Full Titanal
• Full Sidewall
• Base: P-Tex 4504
• Base structure: Zebra structure
• Plate System: Rmotion 3
• Multilayer Woodcore Beech 67% / Poplar 33%

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Völkl Deacon 72 + RMot3 12 GW 22/23 Skis with bindings

Item number: 70401048
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Product attributes:


72 mm


14.5 m


125_72_103 mm

Reference Length 168 cm

Rocker Type tipntailrockerTip & Tail Rocker
Skisystem:Grip Walk Skisystem
Binding System:Binding and Mounting included
Ski Category:All Mountain / On-Pist Skis
Sustainability:Made In EUWir Denken Um