TUNAP Sports Ultimate Chain Oil 100 ml Care Product

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Product details: TUNAP Sports Ultimate Chain Oil 100 ml Care Product

Winners have a name at TUNAP: Ultimate. Over 1 year of development work in the lab! Followed by extensive tests with BORA-hansgrohe, the German national track team, as well as the FES and partners Ghost, Rotwild and Focus!

The result is more than impressive: TUNP have developed an oil that is unbeatable in terms of power loss, with measurable and confirmed time savings at the same time.

Further advantages: Special additives prevent corrosion. The test winner impresses with the best possible wear protection with a high creep and adhesion effect. Last but not least, the noise development of the chain is significantly reduced.

There is no better way to protect your chain.


- Long-lasting, high-yield lubricating film
- Suitable for all weather conditions
- Needle dropper for precise application


• Thoroughly clean the chain of old oil residues with TUNAP SPORTS Drive Cleaner and dry with a cloth.
• Shake the chain oil briefly and vigorously.
• Press the dropper bottle lightly and apply the oil to the chain with the needle dropper until every chain link is wetted with chain oil.
• Leave the chain oil to soak in (preferably overnight).
• Before the next tour, rub the chain with a cloth and remove the excess oil.


Contents: 100 ml


The TUNAP SPORTS quality promise:
- Without allergenic fragrances
- Without harmful solvents
- Without n-hexane and aromatics
- Best possible environmental compatibility
- Best possible human tolerability

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