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TUNAP Sports Drive Cleaner Care Product

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Product details: TUNAP Sports Drive Cleaner Care Product

Clean the chain and, despite this, have clean hands – the brush does the work! Lubricating anew again and again over the old protective film; the chain and the cassette can wear much quicker.

Using the onetime combination of chain cleaner spray and cleaning brush, TUNAP Sports gets rid of unnecessary friction. It is now possible to clean the bicycle drive efficiently and quickly: The small brush bristles bring the drive cleaner directly onto the dirty oil residues and also into tight intermediate spaces.

In this way one can maintain the basic lubrication of the rear derailleur, chain and sprocket wheel. The black “chain tattoos“ are immediately a thing of the past!


The TUNAP SPORTS quality promise:
- Without allergenic fragrances
- Without harmful solvents
- Without n-hexane and aromatics
- Best possible environmental compatibility
- Best possible human tolerability


Contents: 300 ml 

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