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TUNAP Sports Chain Oil Care Product

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Product details: TUNAP Sports Chain Oil Care Product

Dry chains generate high friction and this means more wear.

Whether city bike, racing bike or mountain bike, every chain and every sprocket needs optimal lubrication.
The high-quality chain care lubricant prevents corrosion and friction and thus ensures a smooth and quiet running chain.

At the same time, it also supplies cassette and chainrings.
But TUNAP SPORTS chain oil does not stick like chain grease and everything stays clean.

A special adhesive additive for extreme loads prevents the oil from being thrown off quickly during acceleration and ensures a smooth drive for a long time.


The TUNAP SPORTS quality promise:
- Without allergenic fragrances
- Without harmful solvents
- Without n-hexane and aromatics
- Best possible environmental compatibility
- Best possible human tolerability


Contents: 125 ml 

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Brand:TUNAP Sports